Movies Halloween: new, old, none?


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So I recently found out that Rob Zombie is actually making another remake of a Halloween movie, this time its sequal.
Almost everyone that I've spoken to HATED the remake of Halloween by Zombie. I actually liked both it and the original, but for different reasons. I found them both to be very creepy and scary, but in their own ways.
The original had more of a psycological aspect of its scares. Trying to stray from the amount of blood needed to create a scene, the original Halloween by John Carpenter was more of a "holy crap, what is that?" kinda thriller. the fear tore the viewer up subconsciously.
the remake, however, was more blunt and just freaky. Just about everyone you see on screen is brutally massacred before the end, and that's great and all, but it can get a little old, which it did in the movie. But overall, the drama and storyline in Halloween by Rob Zombie is very very satisfying.

but these are all just my opinions. What did you think?


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Old all the way. Old for any movie! I never like remakes. You can't redo a cult classic! I thought the new Halloween was so stupid and boring. It was like "Lets fit as many teenage boobies into this and not focus on making a great and scary movie."


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Maybe it's been awhile since I've seen the new one, but I don't remember seeing a whole bunch of teenage boobies in the Zombie Halloween.

I liked the remake. I loved Zombies spin on the story and I'm excited to hear that he's making a sequel.


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The first original Halloween is one of my favourite scary films. I don't think it needs a remake and I personally wouldn't watch it.


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I think they aren't comparable, like you said, Shaun. I agree with you, I'm pretty excited about the movie coming out.

The first one scared the crap out of me. (By first I mean the zombie movie)


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i'm usually a purest and scream bloody murder against remakes. however, i thought zombie's was done well. the difference being that in zombie's version gave the back story to micheal. i think the original was solid and truly a classic.

also, you gotta give zombie credit for giving the movie a vintage feel. it didn't look like it was filmed in this era.


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I love older horror movies, and this is no exception. Even the music gives me the chills. They focused on all the right aspects then.


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what about Zombie's take on horror do you dislike? i think he takes it back a bit and adds some psychological aspects to the blood and guts we all love.


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Rob Zombie, is just um... not cool.
I could have directed that movie WAY better!
Why could YOU have done better?

and I loved it because you always see some scrawny bad guy and he was JACKED. As Jason has always been in the Friday the 13th movies (Which had some very nice scenes).