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Halloween fairness: a moral question


Lion Rampant
Let's say that you have two kids. They decide to go trick or treating with their separate groups of friends. Alfie goes to a rich neighborhood and gets a hundred pieces of candy. Betty goes to a poor neighborhood for just as long but comes back with only two. What do you say when you see the tears in her eyes?

"Alfie, share some of your candy with Betty."


"Tough luck, kid. It's not Alfie's fault that your friends are povs."

Here's the real question: what principles do you hold that guided you in choosing your answer?
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lol @ the name Alfie.

I would pick "Alfie, share some of your candy with Betty."

Why? Because Alfie doesn't need one hundred pieces of candy. Heck, he won't even need 30. I would split it up between the two 50/50 and consider that a win-win for everybody. Betty will have a good portion, Alfie will have a good portion and I won't have to deal with Betty being jealous of Alfie for having more candy than she does.


Registered Member
I'd have to ask how old these "kids" were first because if they are going trick or treating with there friends then they must be old enough to want to do that because when I was trick or treating I did not have an option to go with friends as my parents took us.


Wanna play?
If Betty is off trick-or-treating without her parents then she is probably old enough to know what kind of neighborhood she's heading for, as compared to her brothers. (BTW why are the parents even letting Betty trick there?)
That being said, it was her choice to go there, so she is stuck with what she recieved.
BUT, I would hope Alfie had been raised with enough decency to want to share with his poor, deprived, sister.
So no, I wouldn't make him share, but at the same time I would hope he would do it because it's right.
i would explain to alfie how it would be kind of him to share but not force him to. i'd explain how proud it would make me to have him share with his sister..... aside from the fact that the children would not be allowed to eat all of their candy that night anyway for pure not dealing with sugar hyped up children, i'm sure that they would both end up happy.


Registered Member
2 pieces of candy? What happened, did someone mug Betty?

What if the situation wasn't so extreme? What if Alfie had 100 pieces of candy, but Betty had 50 pieces? Alfie has way more candy, but it's not like Betty has no candy.

Or, what if Alfie has 100 pieces of candy, and Betty only has 20 pieces of candy, but it was because Betty was goofing around with her friends, while Alfie was racing from house to house to get the most candy possible?

For your scenario, I'd encourage Alfie to share with his sister, but wouldn't force it. If he didn't, I'd probably go to the store, and give Betty some more candy. Taking it from Alfie seems wrong - why should he be punished for no reason? And I'd make it clear to Betty that if she went to the same neighborhood next year, then she wouldn't be getting any extra candy from me. Hopefully she'd learn from the experience.


Sally Twit
I'd ask Alfie to share his candy with Betty but I wouldn't force him to if he was against it. I'd hope he was decent enough to do that himself without me having to ask.
However, I wouldn't expect him to share it 50/50 - I'd expect him to give a little bit of his to Betty and that would make me happy enough.


Lion Rampant
Taking it from Alfie seems wrong - why should he be punished for no reason?
And this is how the world has ever been divided - some are moved to willingly share of their extra loaves and fishes, while others see only the inconvenience to themselves.

"And the greatest... is love."
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