Halladay should feast on the NL


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Roy Halladay should feast on the National League - MLB News - FOX Sports on MSN

Great article on Roy Halladay. I agree 100% with guy, Halladay if healthy is going to dominate National League hitters especially in the pitcher friendly ball parks.

I just find it funny that Halladay barely got any coverage from Americans in the eleven years he was in Toronto and now that he joins the Phillies, writers are already talking about how good he is, and he hasn't even pitched yet in a Phillies uniform.


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Almost getting worried for Doc, all these high expectations since he joined Philadelphia. Just kidding, though, he should do fabulous. Great points made by the writer.

Agreed on the OU for 20 wins on Halladay. I think realistically, it he should not pick up less than 18 wins. He is playing for a great team in lots of pitcher-friendly NL East ballparks. He should do great and I am cheering for him all the way.


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He will dominate. Make no mistake about it.

Anytime you have a guy that can hit the upper-90's with your fastball, and offset that with a great curve, and pinpoint command, and pitch in a league where the pitcher bats, you will have very impressive numbers, ala Randy Johnson. I wouldn't be shocked if he struck out 300+ hitters this season.