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Hall of Mirrors


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I probably have little chance of formulating a true opinion of many people here, I mean, I'm newish and haven't ingratiated myself to the most enormousest of degrees just yet.

For those I know, that wanna know. I'll give you the paragraph you desire.

For those I don't, you are in such luck. you lucky people...
Instead of giving you a big 'sod off, I don't know you' - lol. I'll give you a 'Hall of Mirrors' scenario.
It's only called that, because I wanted to make a thread for each of my songs. And in a sense it works.
those that fit this, will get a special, randomly made up analysis, which I presume would be your mirror person. The awesome guy in the mirror or whatever. Some sort of made-up creative thing about you. It might be based on a general idea of you, on your username, or just proper out of the box.

If you want a 'hall of mirrors' assessment as well as a normal paragraph... Then please ask.

All paragraph will not be dwelt over. They will be created on the spot.
Erm. That is it.


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You use the word FACE in capitals. It is a cool gimmick of yours, I like to think it is yours, that you made it. I don't know for sure, since everyone uses it. But it seems like you. Because you strike me as being quirky cool. You're from Notts and although I support Derby County, the fact you live in the general vicinity means that I biasedly like you more than most members. You are straight to the point and quite blunt at times, but that goes perfectly with the personality I imagine you have. You also strike me as smart, not in an Einstein sorta way, but in a way that suggests you know what you want etc. Your taste in the arts (film/music etc) is impeccable.
Put in simple terms, you are awesome through and through.

P.S. Thanks for letting me use your previously used thread title. Although you didn't authorise anything. Ha.


Registered Member
After a bit of poker stuff, it is apparent that you are a very skilled person in this area. Basically wiping the floor with someone like me. I can only presume you are skilled in a manner of other thins and beyond such card playing abilities I've come to amass a certain amount of respect for you, especially as a moderator. You're pretty cool, especially with the mod status. You get involved, and seem very thoughtful about what you do and what you involve yourself with. Overall as much I don't often cross your path, when I do I find you to be a great person to bump into. I definitely can't think of anything negative to say about you.

What can I say? I could go on all day, but I'll lump it into a paragraph thing.
You're a remarkable member of GF and one of the few that has properly, truly, made me feel welcome here. You have interests that are similar to mine, but also different enough to warrant some discussion. You create threads that are challenging, engaging and require effort or involvement, which I can only ever see as a good thing. You seem down to earth and very tactful about most things, even when you're taking the piss or whatever. Quite definitely my favourite GF member. You're fucking fantabulous.
Taken from a silly thread I made, that stood out as being this sorta thread. It makes sense.
Anyway - There are people who wished for a paragraph I presume, so here they are: Unfortunately both have been made up into some 'ridiculous guesswork, hall of mirrors' scenario for reasons stipulated in the OP.

Unity: 'Hall of Mirrors' Scenario:
Daniel, I am not superbly familiar with you as is the same with many. You seem to have a good head on you, very considerate and very intelligent. I suspect you have never drunk lemon tea, and I also presume that you have played table tennis before and won the game in question. You most likely have a good sense of humour.

Jeanie: Hall of Mirrors Scenario:
I suspect you are best mates with somebody beginning with the letter A, and have a carpet that isn't laid properly. I believe you to be extremely fair about almost everything, and somewhat firm with it, yet that doesn't ever threaten to lump you with a negative image. I suspect you dance to music when alone, often leaping on the sofa you have which was brought from a pound shop. Overall, you radiate a positive energy, that ensures smiles from pretty much everyone in your vicinity.

Yeah, erm. Sorry.
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