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PC Games Half Life 2 Episode 3...

All I gotta say is...What the Hell? Where is it. this is turning out to be Half Life 2 all over again. I mean by all rights it should have already been out by now. I know this has probably been brought up time and time again, but really what could it be that's keeping up from having it in our hands.

This is crazy that it's not already out. Especially with the cliffhanger Episode 2 left us. Now I know a lot of you agree with me. So what do you think is going on here?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
The whole point of episodic gaming is to have shorter, cheaper games more often.

They got the first two parts right.

...Yahtzee got it right.
That's what I mean, they obviously got it wrong this time. Unless it won't be an episode, and it's a full game. With this wait, it better be not be an episode, with all the waiting we deserve a full game.


Mark ov teh Pond
Well, we all know how impressive Half-Life 2 is. Unto this day it's still a remarkable game that was ahead of its time. I was content with just two episodes, and Lost Coast. An Ep. 3 would be pretty awesome, but won't hurt my feelings if it never comes around. I've played LC like x100 times, haha. I just love watching those bodies fall off the cliff and litter the ground.

We won't see it this year though.
Yea true, but with the cliffhanger we all were left with, it's crazy to keep us waiting this long.

And yea I know we won't see it this year, I heard there's a slim chance we'll get a demo at E3 next year, but that's the buzz i've been getting.


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I hate how they are having episodes, I would much rather wait a little longer and get a more full game to play through, I can understand why they do it but it just ain't my thing.


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well there saying this going to be the last one so i dont mind waiting as hopefully it will amazing and leave the franchise at a great position
True, but they also said after Episode 3 that there's gonna be a Half Life 3 following up on it. I have a feeling that's what's going on here, that their developing both at the same time, or bouncing back and forth between the two.


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thats not a bad thing, they will at least have the planning of Half Life 3 sorted so it goes with Episode 3 and then its just the design and construction of it
True, they would almost have to do that though. If not their gonna be even more pissed off having to wait another two or more years for another game.