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Another thread I just posted in made me think of this, and I was wondering about the opinions of everybody else out there. What kind of experiences have you had with half.com? I would say that my experience with the company has been mostly good, and most of the bad experiences I've had (a could of items I ordered simply never arrived) were due to bad sellers, not the site itself.

What do you think?


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What Andrew said.

I'm becoming more and more enamoured with Amazon.com. Part of my dissatisfaction with eBay has been shipping and at Amazon I can often avoid shipping charges altogether. So Amazon has become my alternative for almost any other site.


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For new items, Amazon is definitely a good way to go. It's amazing to me the way that company has branched out. They now sell EVERYTHING. Pretty soon they're going to open up Amazon paid adoption! Seriously, though, it's a good site. I've bought some used items from sellers there, too, and that worked out well. They tend not to shaft you on the shipping as is done at eBay.


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I agree, Amazon is a better site than half.com. But, I have to admit, I didn't know it was owned by eBay.


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I have found some rare adn out of print books an half.com that I coudln't find on Amazon. I was quite happy with it.


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I have had good experiences with half.com. I do have to be selective, though, about what I get. I believe I got some great prices on flatware once.

I had no idea it was owned by Ebay!

I still love amazon. I've never had an issue with amazon! I've ordered diapers and such from them because they often quality for free shipping.