Haiti "Haters": Do Americans Care About Each Other Anymore?


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A recent trend has occurred online lately mostly in social networking communities but elsewhere, too. People have been taking aim at the Haitian relief effort, mainly citing things like the idea that we should be spending the money on ourselves or that the country in its current state needs that cash (or other things along those lines).

In all honesty, I think we have a responsibility as one of the most powerful nations to help those who come under great crisis. Hell, when Katrina hit I believe around 40 countries sent us aid. Now, I'm not saying that we shouldn't be helping or that Haiti shouldn't receive aid (although some dipshit is bound to make that statement even after this post) but what does bother me that causes me to slightly agree with some of these "Haitian haters" is that we have such an incredible turn out of donations and relief workers yet when our own country is in crisis, fellow Americans just don't care.

I love this nation for its willingness to help others and it's clear that we are after Haiti has suffered so much, but on the other hand it speaks volumes about our lack of care towards one another. I mean, we won't even help a neighbor out anymore but we'll send money to another country because people are suffering? Why don't people spread the wealth all the time? To me, it's a case of "trendiness". No I'm not trying to belittle a very real and very tragic event, but you do have to admit that it has become "cool" and "hip" to donate. It's our most recent humanitarian fad (think "Save Darfur" and other such slogans). Not that it's a bad thing, but I think people help for the wrong reasons. Because the people that are helping for the sake of helping are most likely the type of people that would help one another foreign or domestic.

I guess all I'm really saying is great job with the help America, but why aren't you so quick to help each other?
I think we do, it's just not as publicize as much as Haiti has become. I wouldn't doubt the generosity of Americans, I believe there is a large portion that donates to, say, the Red Cross for domestic causes instead of foreign.

If that isn't good enough, then I would say that the homeless here are the cream of the crop when it comes to homelessness. It's not like some third world country where water and food are an issue, you can fill up a 1 gallon bottle with a garden hose water and it'll be perfectly fine to drink. Food is tougher to come by, but easier than other foreign countries that really need the help since they actually don't have much or anything at all.


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I think this is the first time in my life and probably a few others' where I've heard America's homelessness problem referred to as "luxurious".


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1. There's nothing wrong with helping Haiti (and they generally have more urgent needs than Americans do right now)

2. People do have a responsibility to take care of themselves, their family, etc first (too often people neglect their responsibilities in their crusade to help others)

3. Individual Americans don't have a responsibility to help other Americans any more than they have a responsibility to help anyone else. Our government does; the general populace doesn't. Helping Americans can be more effective, because it doesn't require shipping aid overseas. Helping Haitians might be more effective, because they were so devastated (and already a poor nation), that even small things make more of a difference.


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I think this is the first time in my life and probably a few others' where I've heard America's homelessness problem referred to as "luxurious".

Well, really, in comparison to third world countries, the homeless here have it made. Shelters, programs to help them. Third world country homeless people have nothing like that. Not to minimalize Americas homeless situation of course, but realistically, that's the way it is.

anyways lol

I'm a little appalled that people would be against helping out another nation. I remember reading in the newspaper, that tons of troops were harassing the harassing the higher ups for a chance to go to Haiti to help in the relief efforts. But then, that's Canada for you =P Considering all the help the states got with the Katrina situation, they should be jumping at the chance to give back.