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Maybe twice a year. It is so expensive and I don't see the point in paying £30+ just to get rid of a few split ends. Sometimes I'll want a drastic change though and will pay whatever it costs!


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I haven't really cut my hair since 2008. When I say cut, it's really taking more than 3 inches off or changing something that people notice you've had a cut. I told Vegito728 that one day I'll have hair longer than his so from then on, I kept it long. I trim it at least once a year. Not noticeable though.


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Well, I get my hair straightened once a year so I always get my hair cut then... and I might get it cut 2 times aside from that. I do spend a lot on my haircuts, which is probably why I get it done so infrequently. Typically though, I really get my hair cut twice a year once when I get it straightened and once sometime after that when it just looks long, flat, and shapeless...

I need a cut so bad right now >.>


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I don't bother paying for haircuts. I just shave my head whenever my hair gets too long and annoying.


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I get my haircut every 2-3 months or it depends how fast it grows. I can't stand long hair but I hate getting haircuts :(
I usually get a short haircut every month.Although it charges me $30 plus $5-10 tips,for me it's still worthy enough which averages out no more than $1.5 and make u look decent and neat!