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How often do you go and get your hair cut/done?

I usually get my hair cut every 2 months but have went without a hair cut for almost 5 months now. When I get it cut, I always like to get it cut short.


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I am not consistent... The last haircut I got was in October. I really need another, but I'm snobby and will only go to my girl Julie, but she is also expensive and I can't afford to cut my hair right now. >.<

Or at least I don't wanna pay for it.


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I don't get my hair cut very often at all, once or twice a year. It's so easy to be lazy and just put it up when it gets too long and unmanageable. Coincidentally, I just got it cut last Friday, about 4" off. I took my daughter for her first hair cut ever this morning and I cried. Her hair was all the way down her back and she had about 5" cut off.


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It's more the colour than the cut, but I go every 6 weeks, religiously! My hair is never just one colour (was blonde, red and brown for more than a year). It's currently blonde and black. I'm emo like that!!


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I try to get it cut every 2 months, but often times I just wait till I feel like I have the spare cash to get it trimmed. I've gone to the same barber for 21 years (His name is...I shit you not...Joe Guido), so since birth. He stands probably at about 5'5", has a twinkle in his eye, and couldn't be more of a stereotypical nice-guy barber stuck in the late 1950s. His little tiny two-chair barbershop is located in Princeton, north of me, which is a rather rich town so he gets away with charging about $21 for a haircut in his modest establishment (freaking robbery) but nobody cuts like him. [Insert emo joke here]

I tried cutting my own hair for a while when I was younger to save money, and I think eventually I will go back to that once I find the right style and way to do it. My fiancée wants me to grow my hair back out sooooo badly--but it takes too damn long for me to blow-dry it. If I let it go for more than 5 months, I start to get that crazy Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon I look :lol:.


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I have the most ridiculous haircuts in the world.

I cut my own hair, because I am thrifty and white trash. I go ANYWHERE from new-wave to punk, to bald. I've sampled it all.

I find that I mostly like to keep the sides, and the back of my head really short while letting (as Puck calls them) my face curtains reign supreme and glorious in the front. Since I have a fetish for hats, I like to keep it long in the front for that very reason. I slick it back and wear a hat for business and then when she is ready I let it down for the party in front. Kinda like a reverse mullet (oh I had one of those too), only more sexy.

But you know, I've lopped it off once or twice too for further experimentation. Overall I cut my hair once a month, but it's no routine. Whenever I need a change, or it pisses me off I go straight to the bathroom and go to town on it.
I'm trying to avoid it as much as possible since it's so expensive here. I pretty much only get my haircut if my mum will pay for it :hah: And I always forget to go when I'm back in my home town. I don't remember the last time I went to the hairdressers but that's more to do with having a bad memory than actually never going.


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Since I get my hair for work and it grows pretty quick I get a haircut every month, I hate it because it’s 20$ Canadian each time, but because of my job I have to do it.