Haircut you most regret?


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What's the one haircut you had that you regret the most?

I don't really regret any of my haircuts/hairstyles. I don't mind mixing things up a bit so if I go from one look to a completely different look I get used to it pretty fast.

So, what about you?


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When I shaved it all off. I mean all of it down to the skin. I looked like a melon. Never did it again, now I just keep it short.


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Flat Top.

And I'm talking Ivan Drago flatop:

When I got it I was about 8 or 9, somewhere around 3rd or 4th grade I think. I'd heard about flat tops on some movie and thought that was the haircut I usually got as a kid (which was actually just a fade). When the barber asked what kind of haircut I wanted I said flat top thinking I was high and mighty on the chair not gonna let my Dad speak for me. :hah: boy was I off...


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I had awesome long hair and I let my mom talk me into letting her trim it for my cousin's wedding. She cut too much hair off and it looked like crap, so I ended up shaving the rest of it off. A year's worth of hair growing down the drain.


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ohhh I wanted the haircut that Mandy Moore had in the movie How To Deal, and I took in a picture with me to the hair dressers, and she gave me a mullet!
I cried the whole day!
and then I dyed it black and cut the back into a rat tail and bleached the rat tail and it is the favouritest hair I ever had!
My mother once forgot to have my hair cut. She figured there's not much to it and cut it herself. Turns out as my friends pointed out the next day, my fringe was noticeably cut slanted down. I thought it looked great.
I've never had a drastic haircut/re-styling so I've never really regretted one. I didn't like it when I got it cut a lot shorter than I was use to but hey its only hair and grows back.


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I had really long hair and asked for a face-frame cut, like Shannen Doherty on 90210. This was ages ago when it was still popular. That bitch hairdresser cut my bangs back to the midline of my head and did no face-framing whatsoever. It was so bad that I had to get about 6 inches cut off the length to make it look like a halfway decent hairdo.

And I know she did it on purpose because it was this bitch that I went to junior high with, and she never liked me then. Apparently old feelings die hard.


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I was 8 years old and my mom explained to the hairdresser about a short cut because my hair has always been very long (up to my waist). It was really short. My ears show and the hair line on the sdie looks like it forms the number 7. It was also my first communion and I knew that horrible cut will be immortalised in my First Communion picture and I look just miserable in that photo.


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I invented the Reverse Mohawk once when I was stoned, mowing a wide strip at the top of my head and leaving the sides intact. if you can picture that, you'll have a good explanation as to why I quit smoking weed.