Haggis Chocolate


Ms. Malone

Haggis flavoured chocolate launched - Yahoo! News UK

The 43-year-old told how she then "scoured around lots of different haggis recipes to find a lot of the common ingredients" for haggis.

She added: "I filtered it down and came up with the ingredients that come up most often, eliminated the offal aspect of the dish, did some recipe development and it went from there."

Her recipe for haggis chocolates includes a range of spices used in the dish, such as nutmeg and black pepper, as well as oatmeal.
Anyone daring enough to try it?


Lion Rampant
"Eliminated the offal aspects" means no hog peenie and such, which makes a big difference to me. Have you ever had pollo en mole? That's chocolatey, and it's damn good! I would definitely give choco-haggis a nibble.


rainbow 11!
Ugh. That sounds absolutely disgusting. I have never had haggis, and I don't think I will try chocolate haggis either. Beurk.
I would probably try it just for the sake of it, though I hate the idea of actual haggis. This doesn't sound all that bad. I mean, not quite revolting, anyway.