The Super Pimp of GF
Hey I started watching this anime on you tube and I was really excited about it but there are giant chunks of the series missing on youtube so if people can help me find episodes 6-9 and episode 13 and any episodes after 14 it would be greatly appreciated. Also this page is for general .hack//roots chat.

Destined Sayuri

Well.. if you're looking to find the show uploaded already on some site I doubt you will. If you want to download them to your computer just type something like .Hack//roots download torrent or something like that in your search bar. They had all the episodes up earlier on youtube but I don't really know why they were taken down. As for finding episodes after fourteen... episode 14 was just released in japan week or so ago.. so if you're watching them on Youtube, they're getting posted as they come out. So you're watching the episodes at the same speed as the people in japan.


The Super Pimp of GF
ya I tried bit-torrents but I really hated them I was hoping for something I can watch in windows media player or quicktime


I do not think you will find anything you can download directly. You will have to download them via BT. I think the main thing that people are having problems with now when downloading fansubs is that fansubbers are now using Matrovska encoding. A lot of people do not know how to deal with MKV that haven't been downloading fansubs for a while now. You should download the VLC codec, the best place to get ROOTs episodes in my opinion right now is za-warudo. If you want though, you could just go search ROOTs on mininova.org and it should give you a list of all fansubs of ROOTs.