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The Super Pimp of GF
Part 1- Fragment

Before the release of the popular online game “The World†only 1024 players where allowed to test the beta version of the world called “Fragmentâ€. One of these people chosen was a young man who was the son of a higher up in the Altimit Corporation. He was 17 at the release of Fragment. His name is Brett Thompson his goal in life is to become a video game programmer and this seemed like it would be his greatest chance to test out a new game and help debug it. His father let him take his place in the game and the following is his experience from that point on.

1-1 “The First Log-inâ€
“Ok I need these goggles and my controller and dad said that the account is already set up I just have to choose my class, character type and name and everything will be set†After a few minutes he finally logged on. He was instantly transported to the first root town Navel of Lake. “Wow this place is amazing! A cathedral in the middle of a vast ocean that’s amazing!†He wandered inside and marveled at how detailed the game was and how real it all seemed. Out of nowhere appeared a small girl. She was carrying a staff that had a silver cross on the top. She had bright red hair and hopped towards Brett’s character enthusiastically. “Hi! My name is Yun what’s yours?†Brett coughed and tried to remember what he put for his character name. “uh my name is Alakor.†She bounced around him for a bit and stopped in front of him. “You are a blademaster right? I am a wavemaster! I love this game it is so much fun I can’t wait till everyone who wants to can play this game because it is really fun I have been playing for a little while now and it isn’t nearly as fun without lots of people to play with especially because of my class because I need to adventure with other players because I can’t fight very well…†She rambled on without breathing for about 2 minutes and Alakor began to inch away from her slowly but when she noticed it she grabbed his arm and asked him to come to a dungeon with her. He nodded reluctantly because he knew that there was no way that he could escape her.
They went to a low level field because she knew Alakor was a newbie and he would get killed any other place. The first monster that they came across was a goblin and together they beat it easily. Alakor charged at it and slashed at it with his sword and Yun used her lightning spell on it and it died fast. After killing a whole dungeon full of these goblins they reached the Gott Statue at the end of the dungeon and opened it and received a Mizuchi (a level 2 weapon for a blademaster) and a healing item as well. Yun let him keep them both and she used her sprite ocarina and they were transported back to the field and they gated back to Navel of Lake. Upon arrival she just smiled at Alakor and logged out without a word. Alakor spent a little longer wandering about Navel of Lake and decided he would adventure alone and maybe he wouldn’t go into the dungeon but he would fight some monsters in the field. He then chose a nice low level dungeon and gated there.
He fought a bunch of monster and eventually cleared the field of all monsters. He was feeling pretty confident in himself and decided he would take on the dungeon. Things were going exceptionally well and he was having no trouble defeating the monsters until he reached the last floor of the dungeon and everything changed. He reached the last room before the Gott Statue and a monster appeared that he hadn’t encountered before in this dungeon. He charged at it and it easily swatted him away and took half of his hit points with that one attack. “What the hell? How could this monster be so powerful?!†The monster closed in on Alakor and was going to finish him off but as the monster was about to finish him off a spear pierced its chest and the monster was defeated with that one attack. Behind the monster there was a man who stood in front of Alakor. He had shoulder-length hair and dark skin and he had a really cool spear. He looked at Alakor and just gated out of the dungeon without a word. “What is up with people and just gating out jeez?! And that player must be awesome if he could take that powerful monster down with just one blow!†Alakor went into the Gott Statue room and opened the chest and found that it held nothing. “Damn I wasted my items for nothing!†He used a sprite ocarina and gated out of the dungeon and headed back to Navel of Lake. He saved his character data and logged out.
“Man who was that guy that saved me and what was up with that extremely strong monster in a level 3 dungeon?†Brett decided that it was best to not dwell on things and he was going to just do some homework and go to bed. The entire night he couldn’t sleep because he was so excited to play Fragment tomorrow. He also had so many questions he would have loved to ask the main creator of the world. He finally fell asleep and dreamed the whole night of playing the world.

Character Data-
Username- Alakor
Real name- Brett Thompson
Class- Blademaster Current Level- 5
Appearance- He has short spiky white hair and he wears a silver armor with a black cape. His entire body except his face is covered in an armor that makes him look like a medieval knight.

1-2 “The mysterious Long-arm and the upside-down manâ€
The next afternoon Brett logged on again and he immediately noticed something odd; there was not a single person in Navel of Lake! He looked outside the cathedral and couldn’t find even one person. He walked inside and saw that there was indeed a person inside but the weird thing was that he was upside-down! Alakor approached him and the man spoke to him, “And so, I shall name her Aura. Without you, she would not exist. The shining girl, Aura. We will entrust her with our will. Our future is in her hands, She is our...†He suddenly stopped and disappeared. It wasn’t like he gated out or anything it looked more like he faded away. Alakor was completely baffled by what he said and really wasn’t sure who Aura was and why she was so important but one thing was for sure and that was that Alakor was now involved in a mystery that he knew that there would never be a simple answer for.
Alakor walked outside and standing at the chaos gate was the long-arm that had saved him in the dungeon. Alakor called out to him but he didn’t reply and the man disappeared and it was clear that he had warped to a field. Things were officially starting to get annoying. He had more questions than answers and he felt that deep down inside that the brown haired long-arm had the answers that he was seeking and if he found him then this mystery would finally unravel. Alakor knew that a powerful player like him would be going to high level fields so he knew that he needed to get stronger faster. The next 9 hours Alakor fought monster after monster and leveled up greatly. When he returned to Navel of Lake he discovered Yun sitting on the steps of the cathedral. She sprinted straight at Alakor and tackled him. “Hi I didn’t think I would see you so soon! I was hoping that I would get so see you because you are so much fun to go to dungeons with even if you are a lot lower level then I am! I think you and I should go to a dungeon and have some fun! What….†She was cut off by the scream of a person coming from the cathedral. Alakor pushed her off of him and ran in just in time to see a giant monster with his sword in the chest of a player. This was different then any other time though because the monster was in a root town and it seemed like the player was in genuine pain.
Alakor charged at the monster and slashed it with his sword. The monster faded away fast and Yun was very impressed at Alamo’s new skills and the fact that he leveled up so fast. Then Yun watched as the monster rematerialized right behind Alakor. She screamed out but the monster hit Alakor with its sword sending him flying towards Yun. “Damn that hurts. Wait a sec that hurts! I feel the pain of my character in the real world! This is seriously messed up!†The monster had changed now it was warped and had weird green scales on it almost as if the monster itself was corrupted. As the monster went to strike again the long-arm appeared and blocked the attack. “Run you two get out of here log out! We are going to temporarily shut down the system!†Brett logged out and so did Yun. Just as the long-arm said Fragment went offline as soon as he had logged off.
“Holy crap that was weird! I wonder what just happened.†A few hours later Brett received an email from the system administrator apologizing for the hard reset but they said there were some “technical difficultiesâ€. Brett knew there was something going on and shortly after that he received an email from Yun. She said that she thinks the monster might have just been some glitch in the system but she still wasn’t sure why it could make the players feel pain in the real world. Once again Brett ended his day of playing the world with more questions than he had answers and things were getting worse instead of better. So many things were bouncing around in his head and he couldn’t even focus on sleeping. He decided though that he would just try and get some rest. As he went to lay down his computer said he had an email. It was from someone who wanted to remain anonymous and it said to meet this person inside the cathedral at Navel of Lake tomorrow afternoon at 3pm if he wanted to know more about Fragment. Now with another question on his mind, Brett lay down for another night of no sleep.

Character Data-
Username- Yun
Real name- Unknown at this time
Class- Wavemaster Current Level- 30
Appearance- She has long bright red hair that she keeps in ponytails and she wears a white had that looks much like a witch’s hat. She has a white sun dress that goes all the way to her ankles and she always carries around her staff even if she isn’t in a battle.