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Habs: Trade Bait


Registered Member
Which current habs players in which his name is being circulated could fetch the biggest return? I think Weise could bring good draft pick as a playoff performer, he does well in the post season. Gilbert going to fetch like a 4-5th rounder. Same for Fleischman or Byron. maybe more players that could bring extra picks. So who is most the valuable trade piece that we own?


Registered Member
Honestly, I really don't know how much of a value ANY of our players have on the market given how piss poor they've played since December. But for argument's sake, I'd say that Dale Weise could be an interesting pick up for a team looking for depth. I don't know....maybe Dallas would be willing to pick him up for their last stretch of the season?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
No #habs players that Bergevin is willing to trade right now is going to fetch any good return. I imagine Weise will get traded which makes me happy because that clears up playing time for one of the young players in this organization. I hope two or three more third/fourth liner are shipped out as well. Sucks that Desharnais is injured right now, but I imagine that no team wants to take on that contract.