Habits Of The Mega Rich


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I was wondering about something. We have major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years. But all these minor "holidays", like veterans Day, Valentines Day, etc......Holidays when we celebrate things that we can just as easily recognize every day of the week, just seem like a waste of time to me.

Do you think that the people who have made a lot of money in their life see this as well? They don't see the practicality of taking a day off from being productive for something that should be "celebrated" by being recognized all the time?

Like the love you have for your significant other?

Or the sacrifices and contributions our veterans have made? (I, myself, being a vet)

That the times we spend taking days off nickle and dime our way into being less productive, therefore, being less wealthy?

Or am I just being anal retentive about this?