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"Ha ha ha" NOT "Ho ho ho"


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Here is the dumbest news I've heard in a while.

Mall Santas in Sydney Australia are being told that they should not use the phrase "Ho ho ho" because it could be offensive to women, since the term "ho" can also be taken as slang for prostitute.

Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women - Yahoo! News

They also argue the fact that "Ho ho ho" could scare children, while "Ha ha ha" would not.

Granted, the Santas are allowed to decide which phrase to use for themselves, but "Ho ho ho" is being greatly frowned upon.

Wait for it.....


GOOD LORD! :sick:

That really is all I have to say about that. It's SO stupid.


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The only surprising thing about this story is that it's in Australia and not the United States. Seriously. I thought this was the only country that cares about ridiculous shit like that.

Oh my god, there's a "ho" in my name! I better change it before I offend any women here!


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Your name is pretty offensive. It has "hoes" in it too. :D

I'm also surprised that it's Australia and not the US but hey at least be glad for that. Finally another country gets in the news for some stupid technicality debate.


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That is the dumbest thing. I can see that it can be offending when you say ho once but I don't find it offensive if you say ho ho ho. As long as the Santa's say ho ho ho in a jolly way then that should be ok.

I would not like ha ha ha at all because that would make me think that Santa is laughing and me and I won't get what I want for Christmas.
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Yeah I doubt the Santas are saying "Ho Ho Ho" in a sexy or otherwise offensive or misleading tone of voice.. If they were then I would be for the ban too... lol

But seriously, Santa doesn't need to be politically correct. He lives in the North Pole for crying out loud. If Australia doesn't want him as he is then they can just buy presents for their kids themselves without the help of Santa.. :rolleyes:

What's next? Santa has to be thin and you have to leave him something healthy so he doesn't symbolize overeating? *sigh*



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I heard about this, and I think it's just ridiculous. A laugh is a laugh, "ho ho ho" isn't offensive or intended as an offense in any way. If that bothers someone, they need therapy for being overly sensitive.

you have to leave him something healthy so he doesn't symbolize overeating? *sigh*
I remember a push for that a few years back. Sad to think that people have to try to ruin everyone's fun in ways like this. :(


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Now that I think about it, if ANYTHING "HA HA HA!" coming from a big Santa in the same typical lower voice tone that Santa is known for (fat and jolly, come on now), it's going to sound scary to kids.

Look at the movies. All the bad guys are always laughing in a low voice "HA HA HA!"

HA HA HA! I'll get you Gadget... and a Happy New Year.

LOL! :lol:


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Well, my last name is Johnson, I better change that so people don't think I am a big wenner. Of course if you talk to my wife, she thinks I am a big wenner.


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I find this extremely amusing. Almost as funny as the push by some people to move it from BC/AD to BCE/CE (common era), cookie monster not being able to eat cookies all the time, and saying that the origional Seasme Street seasons aren't appropriate for children due to the change in times.

GET OVER IT. Tv is much worse than it was when we were growing up, so our children are going to end up hearing/seeing this no matter what you do.