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if hes such an inspiring and famous author why are there no moves of his work past the 80s? im surprised there havent been many movies about his works would be nice to see a movie next year or w.e of call of cthulhu


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I have a respectable reason here.

Someone on The Escapist said:
And why there's never been a big budget Lovecraft movie; No one wants a movie where the moral is that we're all doomed and nothing we can do will stop it!
Most of his works involve beings way more advanced and powerful than we can ever hope to be. They seemingly work outside the laws of science as we know it, and would have no problems with wiping us out like a colony of ants if they wanted. Really doesn't make for an interesting film for the masses...


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it can easily be though just get any script writer to make a horror alien movie or anything action. just like a lot of movies dosent have to be exactly like the original im sure if they really wanted to make a movie out of his cthulhu stories they can have some actor be the hero and save everyone etc. lots of different ideas sad no one has really tried lately


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I love Lovecraft. Really, his influence has become so widespread that a film based directly off one of his works would likely come off as derivative (and not just of the story it was based on :)). Plus, his writing often involves things that either can't be filmed or else would be very difficult to, like a color nobodies ever seen and things that occupy more than 3 dimensions. That's not to say a film based on his works couldn't be done, or done well even, but I'm not so sure I'd like to see anyone try. Even so, I wouldn't be surprised if someone in Hollywood wasn't considering a Lovecraft-derived film right now.


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I have no problem with a Lovecraft-derived film as EI mentioned, but you really have to use your imagination when you read Lovecraft, and trying to put that into pictures would ruin it. I wouldn't like to see it done.


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I know that Guillermo del Toro is looking to work on At the Mountains of Madness. However, considering I'm only familiar with Hellboy and not his other works as director, I can't say if he'll do good or not. But considering he said he was influenced by H. P. Lovecraft (among other things), I don't think he'll do bad.