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Gwyneth Paltrow


Registered Member
We all knew she could sing some, right??
She did that song with Huey Lewis...called Cruising.
I saw where she is coming out with her own country album CD, and she is starring in a new movie, about a country singer, and she will be singing all her own songs!


Sally Twit
Well she is married to a fantastic artist. He's probably been helping her.
I've never heard her sing, though.


Registered Member
Being married to Martin(Coldplay's frontman) is going to be a plus for her, and being pals with Beyonce doesn't hurt either. Wouldn't be surprise if B is on the album. I just don't think she will be able make a hit. Lets hear it Gwyn, and in the words of your husband's buddy, show us what you got.


I have never heard her sing but it sounds an interesting idea that she gave it a try.
But I don't think that every actress/actor has to become a singer unless they are really talented. It doesn't have to be a trend.


Eh, I don't care for her acting, so I just assumed her singing would be on the same level. I won't torture myself and find out. And I won't see the movie either.


Registered Member
Not sure I would watch her upcoming movie, but she has a great singing voice!
The duet she does with Huey Lewis is really good...I was amazed it was Gywneth Paltrow when it first came out...long time ago~
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