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GW: Mario vs Sonic


aka ginger warlock
Super Mario & Sonic The Hedgehog were in the 90's the to men battling it out for Team Nintendo and Team Sonic, they were known in the gaming world and you either followed one or the other, there did not seem to be any middle ground. Mario would come out a full six years before Sonic but in the mid 90's that six year gap did not matter. Whilst mario was very colourful, very pretty and was a fun game Sonice was very fast, more interesting in terms or going from A to B and for a lot of people just plain cooler.

For me there were two games that had the lead of all others, Super Mario World and Sonic The Hedgehog 2. They were the flagship games for the SNES and the Mega Drive (Genesis), they may not have been the first but they were the ones I feel that made there mark.

The games in themselves were different and were also the same. In both games the idea was going from point a to point b collecting coins or collecting rings. They both had levels that you would go from. They both had time limits and extra lives, they also both had power ups such as being able to Fly in the case of Mario or run really fast in the case of Sonic but that is where the similarities stopped.

Sonic for a start was split over three stages with ten levels. At the end of each stage you would face a boss and had to win in order to progress. You also had bonus levels where if you want through lollypop lights and had over a hundred rings you could go onto another stage to collect more points and if you were good enough a time crystal. You also had the option that if there were two of you you could co-op, one playing as sonic, one playing as tails. One crucial thing you did not have however was save points.

In Mario it was less structured, you had the option to move two different levels, you could go back on levels if you wished to. You did not have to follow a entirely set path and you only did one level at a time. Rather like sonic you had a Side Kick but this side kick was not one someone else could control, he was a mental little dinosaur named Yoshi who you could ride and he could help you. Another aspect of Mario was that you had power ups, one of flight, one for throwing fire balls and one for becoming bigger (being young I did not get the reference for why Mario would get bigger eating mushrooms, of youth I miss you so) and crucially you could save these so if you got hurt they would drop from he sky and almost heal you. One final big thing was saving in game was allowed, Mario was also considerably bigger than Sonic.

Super Mario game play:

Sonic 2 game play:

The verdict:

Growing up I had a Sega Megadrive so this pretty much made my mind up for me. I was team Sonic, but growing older I long for Super Mario World and a SNES, it just is a better game, it has more to do, it is more involving and it is just a nice gaming experience. I have Sonic 2 on my Xbox and playing it back the game simply annoys me. I may buy a Wii just to play Mario.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Very tough choice since I grew up with these two characters. Started off with the Nintendo where I got hooked to Mario 1, 2, 3 and played it all the time. Then I got the Sega Genesis and Sonic The Hedgehog was my first game on the console and I loved it so much.

But, if I had to go with one, I'd definitely select Mario. I just think overall he's been in much better games that I've enjoy over the years then Sonic has been.


I haven't played enough of Sonic to really give him a fair go. I only played one or two Gameboy Games that I borrowed off friends when I was younger. I did used to love the Sonic cartoons though. But I think I'll go with Mario with this one. Just because I've played and enjoyed a lot more of his games.


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The Sega Genesis was my very first game console. The games I had were Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (amazing game btw).

The next console that I got my hands on was the Nintendo 64 (if you don't count a Windows 95 PC). I got Mario Kart 64, and Super Mario 64 to start off with.

Here's a full list of all the Sonic games that I've played extensively and liked. (Genesis and Game Gear games are not the same, game gear games match those of the Sega Master System)
-Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)
-Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Gear)
-Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)
-Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear)
-Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Genesis)
-Sonic and Knuckles (Genesis)
-Sonic Chaos (Game Gear)
-Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Genesis)
-Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)
-Sonic 2: Adventure Battle (GC)
-Sonic Rush (DS)

Here are the Mario Games that I have played extensively that I liked.
-Mario Bros (NES)
-Super Mario Bros (NES)
-Super Mario Bros 2 (NES)
-Super Mario Bros 2 The Lost Levels (NES)
-Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)
-Super Mario Kart (SNES)
-Super Mario World (SNES)
-Super Mario World 2 (Yoshi's Island)
-Super Mario 64 (N64)
-Mario Kart 64 (N64)
-Mario Party (N64)
-Super Mario Sunshine (GC, I liked this game to some extent, mostly the artistic styles)
-Mario Kart Double Dash (GC)
-Super Mario 64 DS (DS, Even better than the original game)
-Mario Kart DS
-Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
-Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)
-New Super Mario Bros. (Wii & DS)
-Mario Kart Wii (Wii)

I probably missed a few, but clearly it's a tough competition. Both series have a lot of recognition because they're so vastly popular.

I think that Mario wins though (even though I love Sonic to death).

Here's why...

For the most part, the Sonic series did not make the jump over to 3D very well. The games were based on high speeds and performing stunts and finding secrets along the way, this does not work well in a 3D environment (though I will give it this, Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast was amazing). The simple fact is that most good Sonic games are sidescrollers, while this is great, it's just not as good as Mario being able to do everything well.

I found that with Super Mario 64 (one of the all time greatest games), Mario became well established in the 3D realm, Mario Kart 64 only helped to solidify this.

I have very fond childhood memories of both series, I feel that my choosing Mario is not biased.
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Mario wins easily for me. I grew up on both and had a lot of great memories with the first two Sonic games but he really can't compete. Super Mario Bros 1, Super Mario Bros 3, Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Mario Party, Paper Mario... just too many great games for the spiky blue guy to overcome.


Haters gonna hate.
For me it was ALWAYS Mario. That's honestly all I played growing up. All I played. For at least 3 years.

Super Mario Bros. 3 has remained on my list of top 5 games of all time since I played it first in 1998. Sonic was never even close to my top 10. I'll admit it, there were good Sonic games, but while he floundered in poor quality during the larger half of this console generation, Mario was staying relevant with new titles that continued the fresh feel of the franchise.

It's those reasons alone that give my vote to Mario.