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Guys... What puts you off girls??


rainbow 11!
Personal hygiene... That's a biggy for me. I hate seeing girls who look like they've never brushed their teeth.

You don't have to have perfect teeth, just look like they are brushed twice a day.

Also, don't send mixed signals. That pisses me off, especially when I'm interested and the girl seems to not like it when I start to flirt a little as well. Like she is the only person who can flirt.

Or when a girl flirts with me and I'm sending OBVIOUS signals I'm not interested.

Or when a girl flirts when I already have a girlfriend and they no it. That's qn easy way to get on my bad side. I'll pretty much hate you forever.


Registered Member
Girls who are bitches or crazy.

Or worse...a crazy bitch.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
You just said a whole lot with out saying much at all! Crazy girls are nice in the bedroom, BUT THAT'S IT! I've broken too many bones over the last year to ever go out with a crazy **** ever again! They just aren't worth the time, PERIOD.
I actually meant crazy in a mental sense, and crazy in a "let's go out and jump of a bridge, it'll be fun!" kind of crazy. I'm getting tired of cool, seemingly stable girls who will be nothing but the best of people to hang out with simply walk out because someone tells them they should, or because they have a bad day, or because I happen to not want to be touched at that moment in time and I'm being "selfish" because I have a headache and don't feel like having someone tickling me constantly.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Yep, she really did ask me to jump off of a bridge. But damn, she's so hot.


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I've hit both of those, both at the same time of year. weird.

Also, i hate when girls get drunk, and then turn psychotic.

How about when chicks invent drinking games, blame it on you, and then act aloof when you are nearby? Maybe, I should have some (strip) poker chips handy next time I am around them.
Hi Guys....
I recently started dating this guy.. everything was awesome. He called me all the time. and we clicked immediately!
After the 3rd date.. he said something was missing.... hmmm... Im not sure what that is... He said he didnt know what it was either.
We have seen eachother since after that.. and everything seems normal.. still kisses and cuddles and such!....
Im wondering if Ive done sommat wrong...
can you tell me..
what puts you off of girls lol.. then maybe I can work it out! =D
Ok. I guess I should have actually tried to respond to your question.

I think you may have placed too much emphasis on his statement. There may be something missing from the relationship that, he, himself cannot identify. Perhaps, next time you should try to communicate better with him and simply, and honestly ask him what he thinks may be missing.

From another perspective, why is this usually a chick issue? I get the impression from some chicks, who claim to be independent, that they are only, really, as independent as the Earth is from the Sun. Why is that? Why aren't women more adept at pursuing Happiness (in the US) or other activities better? Wouldn't having more common interests make a person more interesting to share those common interests with?


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i dont like girls that wear too much make up
who are afraid to get durty
who cant have their hair wet
but i like girls when they..
wear my hoodys
are comfertable enough to not wear any make up when i come to her house..
who stns by their thought..
who kisses in public [its a sign on effection]
and who are funny. and carry a great conversation..

hope that helpd =D