Guys, seriously.


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I know you all want to love me and whatnot, but I'm sure this message is going to fill you all with a blind rage due to immense jealousy.

BUT, I'm going to see Iron Maiden on Monday. I know I know, one of the best rock bands ever and a show that's straight Maiden, too. Try to contain your jealousy, it'll be hard, but I'll be sure to snag some pics and a shirt and a CD for each and every one of me.


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Hey, at least they still have the original lineup... or am I totally wrong?

Make sure you snag up a shirt, too.


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Original lineup as well as Janick Gers on guitar.

I'm fucking pumped, too. I've never actually been to one of their shows.


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I don't really care for Iron Maiden to be honest with you, but it seems like your really excited to go, so have fun my friend and try to take lots of pictures. Like I said I'm not a fan of them, but I like looking at pictures of any concerts.


The Hierophant
Blasphemy I say. But it's hard to come back with some biting humor when you still said to have a good time and called me your friend. Odd, but nice. I don't like it.

And I'll be sure to take lots of pics. Unfortunately, they'll probably be camera phone quality.


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Meh Maiden is too old.. Half the people there will be 30-40 and too old/fat to mosh. how much did you pay for tickets? $40 .. $50?
Not worth it if you ask me.