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Guys, I'm so tired..........


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I have been feeling so overwhelmed lately, I think it's time to prioritize and figure out what path I plan to walk in the future. Many of you know how crazy my life is, but for those who don't, let me just explain what's going on right now.
First and foremost I am the mother of 3 girls.
I work 32 hours a week selling insurance.
I own a lawn greeting business with a friend of mine.
I do artwork for several area haunted houses.
I have just been comissioned to do a childrens wall mural (I have done 12 so far)
I sculpt babies and fairies to sell on eBay (havent had time to touch the clay in about 5 weeks although my studio was finished 2 weeks ago) :(

These are just my everyday jobs, when you factor in all the little things I have to do each day as a wife and mother, I'm sure you can imagine why I feel exhausted.

Yesterday evening, I had a few moments, so I went on a long bike ride with my 9 year old. It was about 80 degrees and humid. We have a civic arena by our house with an ice rink, so there is always a mound of "snow" in the back of the building, well we stopped by the snow hill, just for a quick rest, and the snot decided to hit mom with a snowball. Needless to say there was a big snowball fight and a lot of laughter.
That is what I want all the time, I want lots of happy memories with my family, not this constant running aroung and going crazy. I am not a mean person, but the stress is getting to me, I mean geez I snapped at a fellow AS friend for no reason (which I did write an apology for on the post :D )
So I guess I need to figure out what is really important to me and make some changes, life is too short for this craziness! Does anyone relate to this???


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Well my life is not that hectic, but I believe you are right. Dont fill up your days with so much to do.......Make sure and make time for your family if you have to cancell something else then do it. Once your kids are all grown up you can't get that time back. Make good use of it while its here!!


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I can relate, but my time is not near as over thinned out as yours.
You have a lot on your plate with your 3 girls and all those businesses.
It will take its toll on you after awhile.
Maybe you need to sit back and give thought to what gives you the most joy and put your time and effort into that. ( I know your girls on #1 on the list), but as far as all your other hobbies and work related things, maybe you should cut back on something.
When things usually get me to the point when I am tense and snapping, I realize that it's time to take stock and adjust my schedule.
I'm sure you will work it out and we are always here as a sounding board for you!!. :)


Wanna play?
Thanks, I really appreciate having somewhere to go and whine! (you hear that Andrew??? You pull the plug, and you may just be the cause of my permanent mental breakdown)! As far as getting rid of something, I have thought long and hard, but just can't decide, heres why........
Artwork=passion, could almost be called my lifes blood
Sign business=good friend (if I pull out I will probably lose her friendship)

So there's my dilema. Of course my girls happiness always comes first, and I can bring them with me to all the haunted houses (which they LOVE). The sign biz doesn't really take any time away from them since it's done from home. My biggest time taker is my steadiest (is that a word) income.


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("most steady" for the record lol).

Anyway, You have to have the steady income, so I guess I would suggest cutting back on something else... and since you don't want to lose your friend, looks like it has to be some of the artwork.

Listen hun, just cuz someone asks you to do a HH or a mural, doesn't mean you have to say YES!! :p

Here's something I learned long ago. If you double your prices, and get half the work, you're doing half as much work for the same amount of money :) Jack up your prices a bit, be prepared to lose a few customers, but still have time with your daughters and some decent pay.

Now, having said that, I have to get a buttload of work done today! So yes, I understand and I feel your pain. And at least you have something steady!


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((((((((hugs))))))))))) Aww I wish I could come help you out a bit!! I think its good you take a bit of time out each day to do anything you want to do at the time!! I am not much help as I am wanting something to do LOL Just remember anytime something upsets ya you have us to complain too! ;)


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My life can be hectic, but not as hectic as yours. Enjoy the time with your girls. They need that one on one time with mom, and you need time to unwind. When things get crazy for me, I just take a much needed break. It seems like you have too much on your plate. Maybe, you need to cut back on some things.


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Angel you have alot of things going on. Its hard to give advice when you are not in the situation yourself. I don't have a hectic lifestyle, and I have been fortunate enough to spend all my time with my daughter. I would not change that for anything.

It looks like you might have some hard choices to make if you really want to change things and spend time with your girls. your passion is your art so the only place that you might have to cut is the business that you are in with your friend. If this is a true friend she will really understand that you need to do things for yourself and your family. a few years ago my sister owned a business with our mother. It got so bad for her and took her away from her son so much that she had to make the hard decision to walk away from it. She was worried about the same thing, ruining a relationship with our mother. But in the long run she understood what she had to do and they are just fine. Like Jen said you cannot recapture this time with your girls ever again. It all depends on what kind of memories you want them to be pulling out later in life.

Anyway only you can decide what you need to do and I think that if you sit back and listen to your heart the answer is already there for you.


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Truly a hard decision hunny. From an outside perspective? I think your friend should be able to see how hard your life has become. I don't think you would be the same person without your clay... And the insurance? Well if Hubbys job doesn't offer any then, you kinda have to keep that. What a dillemma! You need an "oh poor baby"? I have plenty... let me know :cool: But I believe that a true friend will just have to understand about pulling out of one job to make her pals life easier. And about that other thing? I think she forgave it in a snap!


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Trust me I've been there. About 2 years ago I was working 4 jobs (3 pt and 1 full) I had no time for anything, didn't know if I was comming or going. I lost "me" by doing that.... kinda forgot who I was (was I the personal care worker, the lead teacher for kids in a daycare, a bingo manager, or a bartender??) I never had time for my family, and never had the me time that I needed. I almost lost my husband because of it.

There comes a time that you need to make a choice. We needed the money, but there comes a time that both you and your family need to come first, no matter what. I cut back my bartending hours, but kept that job because I love being a bartender, and kept the daycare job because it had the most hours and it was something I enjoyed.

Is there a way you can cut back on your insurance job?? Don't give up your art, that is part of you and if you give it up you will regret it.