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GUYS i REALLY need your Help! I am so scared



well my friend got me into doing these online survey sites and stuff using fake information (i didnt think), thought it was safe and nothing would happen to me, (please yeah i know, no need for I told you so) anyways I only did a couple from this site and then when checking my email i found this

We regret to inform you that your account has been suspended due to a violation of our site policy below:
False contact information for the following offers:
eBay (No CC Required!) (YOU MUST BID ON AN ITEM!)
Just Degree
We have been informed by our sponsors that you have been using misinformation to approach these offers. This falls under the category of fraud, and will not be tolerated on YourGiftsFree network. We are always consistently noted as having the best customer service out of all incentivize marketing website, and in order to maintain our status, we must first assure our sponsors the information they are receiving from our customers are legit. In our Terms and Service, we have stated that all users must provide 100% accurate information, and we have also stated beforehand any unauthorized or incorrect use, entry, or hacking into The YourGiftsFree Network is deemed illegal and is punishable by law. The slightest violation of any law will provide sufficient impetus for us to prosecute the offender to the fullest extent of that law. Our sponsors have recently informed us with the list of offers you completed with misinformation, and we are instructed to present them with your legit personal information ( Login name, password, home and work address, and daytime and nighttime phone numbers). Respond to this email in a timely manner, or we have no choice but to use our lawyers. As of right now, consider your account suspended.

man I am really scared and dont know what they will do to me, I already gave them my information and apology, because they might be more sypythetic if i tell them the truth. Please guys do you think anything will happen to me? I really am scared out of my ass right now...

this is the email i sent back to the admin

Please I am so sorry for doing this, Someone I play video games with online told me about this website, He informed me that it was safe and easy, the whole "make easy money" drew me in, i am only 17 and i know what i did was totally wrong, i wasnt aware of what i was doing and just recently joined your website, please i pray for you to accept my apology and i dont want to go to jail. I swear i will never ever in my life do this ever again and again apologize for all the trouble I have caused. Please find it in your heart to forgive me, I honestly am scared to death right now and everything, please do not call your lawyers on me, please i beg you. My phone number is ******* and account is ******** pw is *****, pleaase I beg you, I didnt know this was seriously illegal, I will NEVER do this again I swear. I am going to bed now, and pray that you will forgive my mistakes. If you need anything else inform me, and respond telling me my current state, again It didnt occur to me what i was doing was illegal, my friend told me about it and i got so caught up in trying to make money that i didnt take the time to think, please i dont want trouble at all.
So anyone have background information on this?! MAN yesterday was the worste day of my life.



rainbow 11!
Damn, Tan.

First I want you to go to their policy and see if they have that thing that says, "Our company blah blah will never ask for your password or account information."


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
That stuff is real?! I thought that yourgiftfree site was a fraud in itself, I admit I did some fake surveys on there myself >.>; How many did you do to get recognized eh?

I wouldn't have given them my phone number straight out first, I would of asked questions and then considered that option, but I don't know how they do.

I hope you will be fine Tan, they shouldn't do anything too serious.


heres there privacy policy

and terms of service

this part scares me the most :(
9. Any unauthorized use, entry, or hacking into The YourGiftsFree Network is deemed illegal and is punishable by law. The slightest violation of any law will provide sufficient impetus for us to prosecute the offender to the fullest extent of that law.
and I only did 4, 3 approved 1 didnt, Made a total of only 41 dollars :/ its not worth going to jail for! or being sued!


you wont go to jail for that stupid shit

lawsuit couldnt win too much money off you for that


Registered Member
Blur's right. Its frivolous. It would cost more money for them to take you to court than they would get from an extraction.

A judge would probably throw it out also since your a minor.

You breached a contract but your a minor. Your ok.

If anything serious happened (which is extremely unlikely) it be your parents or guardians who would be in trouble.

Thats at least what I remember from Business Law I and II...

Edit: You response was not very smart...you gave them your real information...should have overlooked before sending it.


If you made money (or got gifts or whatever) off it, they can prosecute you.

Otherwise, I'm pretty sure they're just trying to scare you into giving them your information and not doing it again. The best solution I think would have been to just ignore it and see what their next move is.


they just gave me a response... i dont know how to answer this...

Your actions have caused our sponsors THOUSANDS of dollars in damage. Do you have any suggestion on how this is going to be fix?

any suggestions?