Guy stuck in elevator for 41 hours!

There is a camera in there showing a guy getting stuck in an elevator for 41 hours straight! It showed him laying down, juggling, pacing back and forth and even peeing off the shaft of the elevator! It happened about 2 years ago, but the video is now finally getting released to the public.

After he got out he sued and won some money. I think it kind of sucks that every sues every nowadays... :(

It's a popular video on YouTube now, too.

Also, a question: what would you do if you were stuck in an elevator for 41 hours?! I would probably try to get out from the ceiling or just sleep and wait.


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Do i have anything with me like a cell phone? or a PSP? If not, i think i'd try to get out like how they do it in movies.
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No cellphone. The guy didn't have one, so, in this scenario we won't either.

lol - yeah, the movies are good teaching tools. :')


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claustrophobia! i'd start freaking out, especially if there were other people on the elevator. It would not be good, I'd like start hyperventalating in crap. Getting really anxious, have and anxiety attack. It would be bad, couldnt be in that small a space for that much time.


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Claustrophobia...vertigo, fainting, etc. Not to mention, you get hungry after 48 hours. How did this guy survive? Also, didn't he need to pee and crap?


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I would kick the top open, and grab on those ropes and lift myself up the the next level, and get out. (I am good at climbing)