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Guy beats radar with gate opener


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Is it actually illegal to jam speed detection radar guns? I know in some states radar detection alone is illegal. I guess it's best just to not speed.

Some speed limits are so incredibly low though. Like the interstate for example. 75 doesn't quite do it most of the time when you have a full days drive ahead of you.


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Damn cops.... I must say thats a clever way to jam a radar. And so cost effective...if you have a garage.

I'm sure they'll find a reason to pull you over. Like they did me on my way home today.


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Here in Oregon it is illegal to use radar detection devices, why I am really not sure. I mean I can understand why a jamming device would be illegal, cuz then you can run around speeding all you want to. The detection device encourages you to slow down if you detect radar. So I would think they would want those out there. hehehe :nod:


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You can use radar detectors here, but I'm pretty sure jammers are illegal everywhere.


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would they notice it if you used radar detector ?


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I don't think so. From what i know about them, all they do is look around for the radar signals. They don't actually send any signals out, so they should be virtually undetectable. And I'm not really surprised that radar jammers are illegal.

Most of the highways around me are 55 or 65 in spots (interstates). You can usually get away with 15-20 above it. As long as traffic is moving at the same speed.


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Well, I guess cops can pull you over for just about anything. They can just say they thought you weren't wearing your seatbelt or something.
That was a pretty clever trick, but not smart enough I guess...
It's kind of like that glare stuff that you can put on your license plate to stop cameras...


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I found this nifty FAQ regarding jamming LIDAR (Light Identification, Detection, and Ranging).

Here is a quote from the post:
"Is it legal? Jamming lidar is not illegal under FCC rules since they don't regulate this part of the spectrum, but most jurisdictions have a law which makes it illegal to "interfere with the duties of a police officer." I am not a lawyer and the above should not be considered legal advice."

You can view the entire FAQ by clicking here.


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Really, I don't think that it is legal to jam radar guns, because cops can still pull you over acting like they had no idea that the gun wasn't working, therefore making your jamming device a worthless piece of junk. Legally cops can say that you were speeding and you will never be able to know if your device was actually jamming the gun.