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Gunsmith Cats!


A.M. Radio

I just watched it.... It's pretty funny, seeing how the writers don't seem to understand America's gun laws, or politics. It's especially funny since those are the two things it's mostly about. But I have to admit, I loved this.

Why? It's anime that takes place in Chicago. The main characters are Cubs fans. The final confrontation is at the frickin' Art Institute. It's something that really only a Chicagoan can love, because it really is kinda dumb.

But the animation is excellent. And the action scenes are well done. It's just that the story is horrible. Take the same characters, but write a different story, and it's perfect.

If only they spent as much time writing as they did making researching the great city of Chicago..... And they spent lots of time in Chicago preparing.


i remember watching this series back in 9- somthing forgot the year. What I remember most would have to be the car chasing scene where Rally had to save Mai.

Love the songs for this ova series though espicially the song "Do it Minnie May"

A.M. Radio

I'm thinking we can just refer to the character as "May" and not Mei, seeing that the character is supposed to be American.

Chicago area white girl. Just like the ones that won't go out with me. :'(


I mainly like the anime because I'm a mustang fan and its one of the few animes out there that actually has a 1967ish shelby mustang gt500 in it. Its also just a really good old anime in my opinion.
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