Guns in Philly...


Hell, It's about time!

So Philly has crime. Guns are involved in the majority of it. Guns can be purchased by anyone. The legal license to carry can be obtained by any (aka, "handed out like candy"). Guns are bad; guns are the cause; thus, gun control must be the answer. This is all typical liberal tripe presented by the left, and this is what I get out of the article…

The slightly-veiled implication being made is: upstanding citizens who legally obtain their firearms, carry them as is their right to do, and going thru all the legal loopholes... these are the people who are causing the crime, given that these people are the focus of all laws and steps being proposed?

Basically this article is saying law abiding people cause crime... seems a little odd... its no wonder people want guns banned.


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There is some perception that if enough laws are passed, someday criminals will find one they like and abide by it.

In California Nickerson Gardens project was declared a gun free zone and the residents had to turn in all their guns. The housing authority made certain by having house to house searches. Within a week armed gangs were roaming robbing, raping, breaking into homes for invasion style robberies. The resident's second amendment rights were quickly restored.