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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Mr Casey, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Mr Casey

    Mr Casey Guest

    Many people consider guns to be a main threat to America right now. There are now many restrictions against them, and having a concealed weapon. Yet, all the fear of guns seems to be bred from the ignorance of them.

    I make this plain: I believe that gun saftey and riflery classes should be mandatory for high school graduation.

    Reason 1: Ignorance should be remidied, not ignored. The more you know, the fewer accidents people will have with guns, at home or anywhere they take them.

    Reason 2: If people know how to shoot a gun, the odds go up for buying them. The arguement against it is that more shootings will occur. Will they? If everyone has a gun, what are the chances that people will start shooting. At schools, if a coupla people pull out guns, the whole school would turn on them. I think that people would be much more cautious if they all had guns, about what they say and how they act.

    Reason 3: It will make America safer in the same way the school above would be. Fewer crimes would occur for fear of shooting.

    Well. Open fire on me.

  2. Vidic15

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    Guns and other weapons can kill and injure people but om the other hand, weapons can be used in a self defence...

    But using a gun, when you are arguing shows that you are a coward, you can't deal with the argument by using words rather than taking your gun and shooting the other guy.

    But the people taking guns and other dangerous weapons to school is taking it too far, what's the use of guns in school. If some one is teasing you, you don't take out the gun and shoot 10 bullets in them, you can report it to the teacher.

    How can weapons make America safe?, it will make it a country where every body shoots each other.
  3. Merc

    Merc Certified Shitlord V.I.P. Lifetime

    Not really. I do believe that information is a possible remedy for people's insecurities, but that doesn't change the facts that guns are dangerous and most people shouldn't own them. I'm cynical like that, I wouldn't trust most people with guns because most people don't seem to have the capacity or common sense to handle them.

    I'm not saying there are not folks out there that know what they're doing with them, I just don't trust most people, so it's only natural I wouldn't trust them with firearms.

    I think that's a bit crazy. In certain parts of the country where there are a lot of guns (such as states with high concentrations of hunters, gangs, or whatnot) yeah, it may be a good idea. However, guns aren't everywhere and not every child comes in contact with them.

    It's like saying we need to give the country skiing lessons because they may go skiing someday and need to know what to do to be safe. While it's noble in it's intentions, it's just not needed.

    Agreed. But once again, not everyone comes in contact with guns. I've personally never seen a real gun in my life (or at least none that I can recall).

    Wait . . you want kids to have guns?


    I think that's a doomsday scenario. Would you honestly think it's a good situation where everybody has guns? People are panicky and stupid and giving all of them guns is just asking for mass deaths.

    I'm sorry, I think that's a terrible vision of the future.

    Your second statement above is also similar to the argument for the death penalty. If we kill criminals, there will be less crime, right? Wrong. You have to remember that some people won't be affected by such notions.

    Pun intended?
  4. Mr Casey

    Mr Casey Guest

    yes, pun intended.

    you fail to see the key thing. People are not stupid enough to want to pick fits with guns if everyone has the oppertunity to pull one on them. they will start to think before they speak so that no one starts pulling guns, or think before they pull a dangerous joke or prank on someone who has a gun. If people are more educated on the issue of guns and their use, they will be more inclined to get one, or be nearer to someone who uses one, for their own safety.

    Take the old west for example. Everyone had guns. Sure there were bandits and alll that good stuff you see in movies and books, but for the most part, unless they were in a group, people did not commit crimes. THey had a fear of being shot by the people they were robbing, or the people they hurt in commiting their felony. Fear incites caution, which is something America is lacking in now.

  5. Merc

    Merc Certified Shitlord V.I.P. Lifetime

    I never said people want to pick fights, I just think a lot of people are too panicky to own them. Also, the bold part bothers me. You seem to favor owning guns to ward off pranksters. Does that mean you're the kind of guy to draw a gun on kids trying to TP your house?

    I don't think that's the case. That's like the abstinence only crowd who claim that teaching kids about sex will make them want to have sex.

    This statement is a bit flawed. Fear creates many things depending on who it affects. Some guy may cower in a corner at the sight of a gun pointed to his face, another may pull out his fire arm and start firing away.

    Also, in the 'wild west' guns were more accepted and usual. Our society tries to shy away from them, making them almost taboo in some places.
  6. Mr Casey

    Mr Casey Guest

    That's the point. Our society is so scared of them , that we almost resfuse to accept them in many places. Being a Texan, I am around people who have guns quite often. They are probobly the first people to advocate the classes in schools. They know the dangers of guns, but still own them, for sport and protection.

    Also, yes, I do advocate pulling a gun on someone who is TP'ing my house. 1: It's MY house, and I dont want to clean it up. 2: They are on my proporty, damaging it. They deserve to be scared.

    The fact that our society refuses to accept a relativly common place tool is stupid. There are 80 million legal gun owners in America, and 300 million guns in shops or possesion of the owners. They are around a lot more than people think, it's just that the owners tend to be very responsible people, and don't normally use them in a threatening or offensive manner. They are also the people who don't get pranked or bothered very much.
  7. Gavik

    Gavik Registered Member

    By then most of the kids have realized the danger posed to guns. What we need are more seminar type deals where police offers come in to elementry school classes and teach kids about guns and their dangers, not a Target shooting elective for high schoolers.

    So a school's safety should be in the hands of a fifth grader packin' heat? Yes, lets distribute firearms to children with no concept of death or any real sense of other's feelings.

    The phrase 'an armed society is a polite society' was not meant to be taken seriously...[/FONT]
  8. Mr Casey

    Mr Casey Guest

    I'm not saying guns should be publicly distributed, especially to younger kids. If a person can afford a gun though, shouldn't they be allowed to buy one and have it with them?

    It brings up another issue I have. At 16, most kids can drive, yet they are not allowed to buy firearms. They can be trusted with multiple peoples lives on the roads but not to own a gun, even for sport?

    And that's the thing. An armed society IS a polite society.
  9. Gavik

    Gavik Registered Member

    In a country where people are shot over PS3s, relaxing gun control laws should not be a top priority.

    The question is, can most 16 year olds responsibly handle a car? Many states are considering upping the age to 18, and a lot of countries already have it at 18 with a student driver's training much more rigorous. You mentioned guns for sport, a case where it's extremely rare for adult supervision to be lacking. But please, do tell me, are new gun owners required to spend 50 hours practicing with their guns with a designated instructor? Are the required to pass several exams to prove their competence in firearms safety?[/FONT]
  10. breathilizer

    breathilizer Resident Ass-Kisser

    Gavik, how many criminals would be affected by new gun laws? How many law-abiding citizens would be affected?

    The answers: None, and all. That gives criminal's the upper hand.

    The issue here isn't whether guns are a bad thing. Of course they are. The world would be 1000x better if there were no guns. But there are guns, and the bad guys have them, and will continue to have them regardless on how many restrictions we put through legislation. It is every American's right to have the ability to legally match any threat that may be posed to them.

    P.S. I just ordered a S&W M&P 40 Cal.

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