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Gun Made It Thru Airport Security


Where is my Queen?
That's crazy, I am glad that this man was honest and reported this to the TSA. Hopefully the TSA can learn something from this incident.


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"Human error" would not be an acceptable excuse had this man decided to shoot people on the plane. They need to do better than "their best." It's rediculious the amount of security they have, if they can't catch something so obvious.


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Wow, they even caught it on the xray machine too. More like negligence here on the staff's part. Thank god the man was honest and not a threat to anyone (for the face he admitted to what he did). But he was in no wrong, at least I believe so.



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You mean after all that broadway production they make us do at the airport, the system fails easily as this?


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70% fail rate at major airports?!?!?!?:shocked: That is crazy!!!! Maybe they shouldn't have the same person screening the whole time. Switch every 15-20 minutes so they don't get tires at looking at an exray picture.

The guy took a carry on with him and all he had was a weapon? Who takes a an "empty" bag as a carry on?

"realizing he had forgotten to unpack the gun – a loaded snub nose Glock pistol – in his empty computer bag."

"There's nothing else in there. "


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WTF! :-o That coulda been another plane flying into buildings! And they think a 30% chance of that happening is okay!? Now I'm def never getting on any airplanes if they can do THAT much screening and it's still NOT safe!


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Perhaps they were aware of it and let Mr. Saif pass through anyway. Could it be that the person behind the X-ray machine was sensitive to the ramification of what could have happened if they pulled to the side a middle-eastern looking person?

To Mr. Raif... I know Texas has very lax gun laws, but as a licensed CCW, how could you possibly ignore the weight of the pistol in your empty laptop bag? Even if Mr. Saif carry several CCW, different weapon for different occasion that still does not sound right for someone to forget. However, I do know of one that forgot to remove his revolver from his bag and he only remembered it when he was at the teller. He had to surrender the revolver to the authority, was investigated, confiscated the gun and was later mailed to him. Of course this was 10 years ago. Snub-nose glock? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the reference to snub-nose refer specifically to revolvers right? Something fishy with the article, but regardless TSA is over reaching in its demand for our so called security... how far will you be willing to let them continue to violate your rights in the name of safe travel?

If TSA is allowed to profile, Mr. Saif would have been stopped and investigated. This would have been a good case for the profiling advocates... you can't put anyone in jail for their thoughts but you can build a case for their action.


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how far will you be willing to let them continue to violate your rights in the name of safe travel?
None period. I've posted this before and I will now, air-travel = fail. When there are no more bombers and no more security crap, then I'll think about getting on an airplane or jet BUT NOT before.
And I think you're right and they def needa stop doing worries about profiling, especially when guns get on airplanes. Besides, isn't everybody suppose to be treated equally? If that's true then ANYBODY with a gun SHOULD be taken to the side.
But I still say that a 30% chance of the searches being fail means that there WILL BE more airplane disasters.