guitarists help me!


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Hi guys, ive played guitar for about 3 years now.. and ive been noticing this.
my pinky is a bit.. small despite me having big hands for a 15 y.o.
im having trouble playing with my pinky, if anyone can give me any excerises to help that thatd be awesome! thanks'
and btw please put the excerises in TAB form, i have yet to get a teacher to help me learn real notes, ive been learning alot by myself but im getting help soon.
I play guitar too and I had the same problem. Try strumming and playing some random tabs just with your pinkie. After that try playing normally. I do that once in a while which really helps me. Or try and just play with your other 4 fingers.


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Maybe try to look for a guitar with a narrow neck (the strings are closer to each other). I have the one, and I really see the difference while playing regular guitars.