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Movies Guilty Pleasure Movies


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So, I ordered a few movies online the other day and I realized that these are movies that I have bought on several occasions. It just so happens that these are also movies that were slammed by critics and are pretty close to 'Rotten' on a certain movie site. That being said, I was wondering what some other people thought and if any of you out there (which I am sure you do) have a horrible movie that you just love to watch. To you, it may not even be a bad movie (such as with mine).

The movies I ordered were "The Punisher" starring Tom Jane from 2004 which IMO is the BEST Punisher movie there is. It strayed from the comics a bit, but overall it was just a great story. This is the single movie I have bought the most. When it first was released, the first 2 disk after that, the extended cut after that, the blu-ray and now I have again ordered the extended cut. I also ordered "Punisher: War Zone" which was a reboot to the 2004 version (which itself was a reboot to the 1987 version with Dolph Lundgren). This movie I have bought 3 times now. Next up, I ordered "Steven King's IT!" which was a tv movie back in '90 (and there is a theatrical remake in the works).

There are several other movies I love that just were horrible or got completely horrible reviews. I think the one at the top of the list for me is "The Marine" starring John Cena. That movie is so horrible. I hate that movie, but it is so epically horrible that you just enjoy watching it.