Guilty of innocence: " Wrongfully accused"


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Being wrongfully accused of something you did not do can be a frustrating experience.


Be it as simple as stealing, cheating, being a bad parent, friend, spouse/lover or as huge as murder or rape, most of us, if not all, have been wrongfully accused of something at one point in time or another. You are presumed 'guilty' until you can provide some substantial proof of your innocence. This can happen to anyone!

Have you ever been wrongfully accused? What happened?
Were you ever able to prove your innocence? How?
Have you ever been wrongfully accused? What happened?
Yes, and you're right, it's reeeeeal frustrating. With me it's never things such as cheating or stealing, it's more 'he said-she said' type situations in which I often entangle myself in and then get wrongly accused somewhere down the line. It's hard to give an example, it hasn't happened recently though, as far as I can remember.


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I was accused of a robbery that I did not commit a long time ago. The ironic thing is that at the time I was apprehended I was on my way to meet some friends to steal a car.

I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was walking down the street at about three in the morning. I happen to look back and saw a police car following me real slow. He then pulled into a parking lot. It was the weirdest thing. So in my infinite wisdom, I decided to turn and walk behind a shopping center. I figured I would not risk any unwanted attention since I figured I lost them and all. As I walked behind the shops a cop car came up to me from up front so instead of keeping cool, I made myself look as suspicious as possible by turning around and as I did another cop car pulled in light flashing. I pretty much trapped myself because there was no where to go. If there had been, believe you me, I would have ran. I know, I didn’t do anything wrong but come one people I was young and stupid, now I’m just stupid. LOL! Anyway, the cops jump out of their cars with their guns out so I did what came natural in that situation from past experiences and fell to the ground put my hands behind my head and just listen to them scream at me to not move. I got to be frisked, handcuffed and almost sent downtown.

After all the question about what I was doing out, where was I going, where have I been, etc… I managed to ask what this was all about. Turned out there was a robbery just down the street and the guy that did it fit my description. Middle of winter in New Mexico so I was wearing the usual drug dealer clothes for the time. Torn jeans, hiking boots, flannel shirt and jean jacket. Luckily I didn’t have any drugs. That was one thing we all made sure of because if we got busted, we didn’t want to do any extra time for drug possession too. Luck was on my side that day, for once. The cops got a call while I was waiting to go to jail. Seems that they managed to catch the guy so the cops let me go.

Yes, it totally suck getting pinned for something you didn't do.....


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When I was 12 I was accused of stealing a new fountain pen from a fellow pupil at school. Talk about injustice: the teacher told the class that if they had any information, they could come and tell her confidentially.

Somebody (probably the thief) did just that and said I had stolen it. I was kept behind after class and accused by the teacher. I was not allowed to know who my accuser was. The teacher called me a thief and said I should sit there and examine my conscience, repent my sin and ask God for forgiveness. I was crying my eyes out with shock and outrage, not guilt, as she seemed to think. I was so traumatised that I didn't even tell my parents, who would have raised hell, had they known. Some people back then should never have been let loose on children.

As a teacher myself, I was once accused of grabbing a pupil by the arm violently. An official investigation followed and the whole class confirmed that I had not even touched the boy during the verbal exchange, when I told him to leave the class for disruption. Thank god the incident took place in the presence of witnesses, otherwise I'd have had a notation on my official record.

Both incidents knocked hell out of me, it's really sickening and frightening to be accused of something you didn't do.
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I've been accused of doing somethng related to white slavery at age of sixteen. That's probably the most hilarious charge ever made about me. It was just a scare tactic though. The parents of my friend just wanted where their runaway child was (last seen with me).

In everyday life I've been accused wrongfully in several occasions. It's one of my pet peeves. I try to live my life as honestly as possible and I've always taken responsibility for the things I've done. But NEVER will I admit to something I didn't do and I find it insulting when people wrongfully accuse me. Even the smallest things.....I won't let it go.


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I was wrongly accused of farting in the class. Bastards!