Guild Wars


rainbow 11!
Oh my gosh, this is the best Guild Wars music video EVER.

I almost had an orgasm while I watched it, it's that GOOD.

The only thing that's wrong with it is the quality of the video. But that's because it's on youtube.

But holy freaking crap...


rainbow 11!
O.O You should totally start playing again.

I worship that game. Infact, I'm only on FC because my mom is asleep so I can't play Guild Wars. But once she is up and off to work, I won't be heard from until later on tonight. :]
Hehehe! I don't even remember my account name or password....and its not on this comp cuz my roomie doesn't play it and I played it at my parents place......gar....might go out and get another account sometime.....
That one had a better song and a more artistic quality then the very first one you showed (altho the first took more work).

Guild Wars definitely kicked WoWs ass! I love the gnome's dance in WoW tho! hehe! Spanking the booty! lol


rainbow 11!
lol Yeah, I thought that was funny. The other video with Blow Me Away was made by Areanet, someone just added the song. I think it's the trailer for Factions.