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Guess What: Another Fire


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I don't at all mean to sound callous, but at least it doesn't look like it has a major potential to spread. It looks like there's a lot of opportunity to stop this thing before it causes a ton more damage. Undoubtedly we'll hear about many casualties in the aftermath of this catastrophe. That's a ton of damage to sustain all at once.

What's so concerning about a lot of the recent fires that we've heard about is the fact that they're right in the middle of major pine forests and have the possibility to burn for miles and consume hundreds of thousands of acres and homes. We lost 509 homes here in our fire I believe.

This one just looks as if it took everyone by complete surprise (given that it all happened at once.) Definitely not a good situation. I wonder if we'll see any new regulations to prevent future derails.


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Dozens Missing After Train Explosion

The train explosion happened last Friday but I didn't realize how devastating it was. There are dozens of people missing, some people can't find their kids. There are even firefighters there from the US.

Dozens missing after oil train explosion levels Canadian town center | The Raw Story

Here's another link that has a lot of pictures of the disaster.

Breaking news: Canadian town center 'wiped out' as freight train carrying hundreds of tons of crude oil derails and explodes | Mail Online
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Real shame nonetheless, it's crazy that one train can cause this much damage. Undoubtedly we'll start hearing about a shocking death toll shortly.
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