Guess The Game

I got the idea off of Echoes. Basically, it's the same as Guess The Avatar, but instead of avatars, it's VIDEO GAMES!


Now, I'll post random images of video game images and it's your job to guess what game it is! If you get it, you'll earn 10+ POINTS. Let me explain the rules before we start.

:+: R U L E S :+:
The rules are pretty simple:

Simple? Eh?

:+: E X T R A S :+:
Here are some special extras you might enjoy...
- If you can guest the characters in the image you'll earn yourself 5+ POINTS.
- If you can think of a funny caption to add to the image you'll earn 5+ POINTS

So, add it all up and you can earn at least 20POINTS!

:+: P R I Z E S :+:
I can't really think of anything to give... hmm... let's try THIS:
A gold star! You'll get this if you earn AT LEAST 10 POINTS.
- A job well done... :eek:

Sound good? Good. Let's begin with ROUND #1:


Good luck
Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars

The characters are Mario, a Toad, and a Hammer Brother.

My funny caption: "Alright, the Toad comes out to 10 coins. Do you want me to club it here and now or are you going to do that on your own later?"
- SuiGeneris: Wrong, Correct, Wrong, Wrong, Good Caption +10 Points
- Vincent: Correct, Correct, Correct, Correct, Good Caption +30 Points

Great job, you both earned the gold medal! I'll try to think of more prizes later. :)

1st - Vincent
2nd - SuiGeneris

:+: NEW R U L E :+:
For now on you must PM me your answer. I forgot about people seeing other peoples answer and taking them for their own. So, please, PM me your answers!!


Good luck!