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Sick GTA V hits the news (again)


aka ginger warlock
I have just done a google search for GTA V because I couldn't remember the name of someone in it and the result I got was this news story from just 21 hours ago:

Teen murder suspect idolized violent GTA V character

The teen suspected of killing his dad and brother recounted to authorities after his arrest how he idolized a violent character from the video game "Grand Theft Auto V," and had contemplated and mentally prepared for his family's murders for months.

Monday night police responded to a shooting in the 1300 block of North 1st Street in Coeur d'Alene. The person who called 911 was Eldon Samuel III, 14, who told police he had shot his dad and brother. When officers arrived he answered the door, the telephone still held up to his ear and covered in blood.

Source: KXLY
There is a video report on the news website, it is not nice and it is gruesome but the thing is the headline basically blames GTA V but the game is not even mentioned until 2 minutes and 38 seconds in a 2 minute and 43 second segment. Before that they talk about what a sicko this kid was but of course they have to get a mention of a violent video game in, we can't very just come out and say "this asshole was a sick and twisted fuckwit who killed two people because he is an idiot", no that would be FAR to easy...

What makes me laugh the most is this game apparently influence him and he "idolised" trevor in it, now it talks of him doing these things for almost all of his life, hate to break it to you KXLY but GTA V has barely been out for six months so I don't think it had much baring. Idiots.


Free Spirit
Staff member
His parents should have paid attention when he was exhibiting signs of mental illness when he was younger. I think the problem was there long before he started playing video games, like from birth. His dad beating him didn't help matters either. I wouldn't blame the video game, that is just a convenient excuse.

I wonder how old his father was when he was conceived. Have read many studies that say children of older men are more likely to suffer from mental illness especially boys.


Problematic Shitlord
Easy Mode: Blame a video game

Normal Mode: Blame the parents

Hard Mode: Blame the kid.

I'm all about going hard and this time is no different. This kid clearly has mental problems if he's going to deliberately spend time preparing to murder his family. He carried out the crime, he's to blame. These piss poor media outlets and their sensationalist reporting is only done to bring in ad revenue and what better way to infuriate the mini van army than to make them think that all of their kids can and will be brainwashed by a video game. I wonder if the news stories that focus on these games are owned by the same media conglomerates that own the game? Would be funny but sadly not the first time it's ever happened.

As sunrise mentioned, the game has not been out very long and he has apparently been exhibiting these symptoms for a while now and what happens when you introduce just the tiniest bit of a push to someone already dancing on the edge of their sanity? Exactly. The game isn't 100% off the hook, but it's about 98% if you ask me since the remaining percentage could have been solved by paying some attention to these very real problems he was having.