Xbox 360 Gta Iv !


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Can live support such a demanding multi player system, some game types will be tied down to 8 players but there will be a 16 player sandbox of free roaming destruction game type.. Will they be able to keep a smooth frame rate?
Online! Wow, that'll be interesting.

Yeah, I think the frame rate will be great. With only 16 players I doubt it will lag much... if any!


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Yea i do trust Rockstar, nobody puts more time and effort into a game.. But once you see the insane amounts of detail in liberty city and the fact that you can intereact with (destroy) everything! I just can't see 16 people running the same game while all this goes on. I quess I won't know untill i kick it on and see for myself.
Looks like a great game nonetheless. When GTAIII came out I was like "WOW", when GTA:VC came out I was like "WOOOOW" and when GTA:SA came out I was like "WOOOOOOOOW". Hopefully, I'll add a few more O's when GTAIV comes out!

Looks like an amazing game.


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I highly doubt a 16 players MP would work on live for the game without lag issues.

Hell in Halo 3 with a 16 player MP it lags in some circumstances. And Halo 3 has the largest server for xbox live games...


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Heh, yea i was gonna post all 9 pages as photo's.. But realized they are huge in that high of detail..

I've got the special edition pre-ordered, all the R* memorabilia comes in a metal safety deposit box.. I think that's hilarious..:D