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Multi-Console GTA blamed for 8 year old shooting his Grandma


Registered Member
Stop buying your kids games that aren't, you know, rated for them. Like c'mon what is wrong with you, you won't just take the blame and accept it and instead try to throw it everywhere else. It's so typical of these people to cast the blame on anything but themselves.

Like it's not like people are going to be less violent than than already are, and I for one, would rather vent my frustrations or angers on a game than the people around me, so in a way it can plus just from that.

Like how do people not understand that the nature of humanity will always be a violent one, regardless of what is done?

Just because we live in a ''''''''civilized '''''''' society doesn't mean things like violence and crime will just disappear and die and everything will be okay and you will never have to worry about the bad meanies at night. In the same aspect playing a violent game won't instantly hurr hurr hahahahahhehaehahecdfvacdsfcawdsfczdah make you a killer.


Kids are still going to play with guns, and people will still get hurt, if it isn't a blame on games, it would be on guns not being regulated enough, or something stupid like a company not making the gun safeties child proof. I'd rather a kid knows how a gun works and what it can do than just pick it up, having no idea about it, and then hurting someone or themselves like that.

What are people seriously expecting? Friggin' herded sheep.


And I'd write a satirical piece the size of an encyclopedia about this but it just isn't worth the time.