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Multi-Console GTA blamed for 8 year old shooting his Grandma


Full story here:

Grand Theft Auto Blamed After Eight-Year-Old Shoots Grandmother | Kotaku Australia

The way this story is being portrayed by the media is so frustrating. They are all immediately blaming the game for being violent. Which is completely ridiculous.

The two biggest problems here is that an 8 year old boy had access to a full loaded gun, and that an 8 year old boy was playing an R18+ rated game, or whatever the rating is in the US.

These games have ratings for a reason, 8 year olds shouldn't be playing GTA yet the media are so quick to blame the game over anything else.

As the article points out the kid shot his grandma with a gun, not with a video game. The fact that he had access to a gun at all should be the biggest point of this story, but it isn't which is shocking.
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Internet Dig Dug
Yeah the bigger issue here should be why the parents left a fully loaded gun easily accessible to a child not "oh my son was playing GTA and he wanted to kill a hooker in real life". Honestly if I know the parents I the only guilt I would have is to the grandmother not the parents they got what they deserved for being so goddamn thick and leaving something so deadly in the open.

Also it's probably the parents fault why he was playing an M rated game (which is 18+ for those who don't live in the US) in the first place. Since any self respecting store would never sell to anyone underage and instead would seek the concent of the parent first on if the kid can buy that game. If the store they bought the game from (if they bought it from a store obviously) didn't do this then they're at fault for why he had the game in the first place. If not then it's the parents fault for thinking that an 8 year old son should play a M rated game.


It's bullshit, but it's easier to blame a game than the shitty parents. 8 year olds shouldn't be playing a GTA game and they sure as hell shouldn't be anywhere near a gun. And the kid has no idea how to play the game apparently, because not one time in any of my hundreds of hours playing GTA games, have I ever shot a grandmother.


No Custom Title Exists
Why does media do this? It's like they never played games in their lives before? They all go home after work and have a CoD sesh anyway! It's absolutely bullshit that in a few years games like GTA will be banned.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
The game can't possibly be blamed when it's being played by a kid who is under the age rating. That is entirely on the parents or guardians, as is the kid having access to a gun.


Problematic Shitlord
Video games are an easy scapegoat although with how quickly gaming has gone mainstream, I can't see it be a viable excuse for much longer. It's something easy to blame and infuriates the other idiot parents.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I don't think this argument will ever die. Violent games are just something for the media to latch onto so they can expand their story.

The two big points I've seen and agree with are that he should not have had access to a loaded gun nor should he have been playing GTA at eight years old. Shame on his parents/grandparents for allowing it to happen.


Sally Twit
The people responsible for the child are responsible for the incident. The child should have not been able to get access to a gun and I highly doubt he's going to take anything from a GTA game.
It really pisses me off when people blame the GTA games for such terrible incidents. It's not the first time and it won't be the last.


aka ginger warlock
The main thing that confuses me over all this is how they are linking the murder (not the killing, I think Murder is more appropriate) to the video game in the first place and how they know it is to blame. In the story it states that the police said that the child was playing the video game at the time but how did they know that? Were there witnesses? Did the child state that he was playing it and then thought "here is a lark, I shall pop a bullet into my grandmothers ass, or something"? Once again this is society not being willing to accept ANY responsibility. I do not blame the gun in this instance BUT I do blame the stupid, pathetic, idiotic etc etc parents who think that leaving a gun to be accessible should be charged on aiding and abetting or at the very least on manslaughter because had they been even slightly intelligent and actually but their brains into gear this whole thing could have been avoided.

Now if you will excuse me I am going to go go skateboarding and if I fall over and break my bones I shall blame Tony Hawk for making me want to skateboard after playing his video games...


Son of Liberty
It's criminal that an 8 year old had access to a loaded gun. Fault definitely lies with parenting here. An 8 year old shouldn't be playing GTA and shouldn't have access to a gun.