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GSP & Silva; Boring to watch?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
These two guys are arguably the best two pound for pound fighters in UFC. They haven't really been challenged during their last few fights and it seems like they're "playing around" with their opponents in the Octagon.

Do you believe they're boring to watch these days, or you still enjoy watching them dominate their opponents, even though they don't get really challenged.



Registered Member
I <3 you, Babe! :laugh:

I personally don't find either one of them boring to watch per se; however, Anderson Silva is pissing me off a little with his show-boating; especially with Demian Maia.
...Maia may not be up to par with Silva (like I think GSP is) but he's a well respectable, decent athlete in his own right and he did not deserve all the show-boating he received from Anderson.

GSP talks too much, lol, but he always goes out there and gives his best and never underestimates or disrespects his opponents.

Both men are incredible athletes but they need to be tested and I'm sure they're getting bored.
...Speaking of testing, I think Chael Sonnen will be a good match-up for Anderson and I'm actually looking forward to this particular match between the two.


I ♥ Haters
Well, Anderson Silva, I don't like so much (I'm convinced he can actually speak english), but when is George St. Pierre ever boring to watch?

This is my first post in the MMA section, so yaay for me.


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I'm upset that everyone is hating on Silva, haha.. and Bubble's, he can defiantly speak English, he just pretends not to know it ;)

I defiantly don't think either of them are boring to watch, and I defiantly prefer watching someone getting dominated every fight.


New Member
Not really, it's interesting to see them dominating others and how they go about doing it. I train in MMA myself so it strikes an interest, and on top of that, them not being challenged as often only will lead up to a WWII type situation. What I mean by this is military tension! It will only build friction until one fighter comes along whose been training like there's no tomorrow and the course of everything will change.


Registered Member
Well Dana White did state that if GSP beats Shields and Anderson beats Yushin(in August) then he wants to have a fight between GSP and Anderson Silva. Silva's victory IMO is pretty much guaranteed considering he is fighting in his home country and also avenging his last career loss(a DQ against yushin 5 years ago). I don't think either fighter is boring and I don't understand how people can be mad at Anderson Silva. He is just displaying his talents and proving that he is by FAR the best pound for pound fighter. Hell I think he can beat anyone in light heavy as well. As far as the showboating against Maia I believe it is just as much Maia's fault because he knew that he was fighting the hardest opponent he will ever face and it is up to hiom to train himself to be up to Silva's level or at least good enough to capitolize on Silva's show boating. GSP vs Silva will be an epic fight. Dana White wants to do the fight at 185. GSP is afraid to move up to that weight class and doesn't want to do the fight. Silva has offered to drop down to 170 to fight GSP but Dana still wants it at 185. IMO GSP fears Silva and though he might be the best in his weight class I believe he is not even in the same league as Silva and I really want to see them fight so that I can see Silva destroy GSP.