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Ok, either Hollywood was shooting a movie last night or my car got broken into. I was on my way to the barber and was ticked to see my window smashed. I think they were after my Celine Dion greatest hits C.D. Nothing was missing so I want to laugh at the thief who walked away empty handed but I cry at my repair bill. My car got broken into last year but nothing was busted or missing. So whoever it is, they are making it a tradition to break in my car ever year or something.


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EEEK! You are right that is VERY annoying! :( Sorry to see that.

I doubt insurance will cover stuff that small due to the deductible. Hopefully they find out who did it but you never know. If they catch the person then technically that person would have to pay, but I doubt they have the cash to do so...

And Hollywood doesn't just mess up random people's cars when they film. They use their own. :D