Growing old

It's one of those inevitable things in life. No matter how hard we try to slow the hands of time, the simple fact is, we're going to get old (barring an untimely death of course).
My question is this; what part of growing old scares you the most? There are a lot of reasons to dread it..anything from the wrinkles and saggy skin, to all of the internal changes, or even something deeper.

My biggest fear is having regrets. I think I can deal with all of the other changes as long as I can look back on my life with as few regrets as possible.


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Darn Angels, I was just trying to forget about this :lol:.

What scares me about being old is being alone and lonely. I don't want to be just another chore for someone. Those who love me (young ones) will have their own lives and will be busy and those with the same age will die one by one leaving me. When I think of this it's depressing.
What scares me? My body getting old. I like having a youthful body to bend, stretch, climb, hike, ect... Once I get old I don't want to suffer any pains or having my body give out because it's too old to do it. Being able to run and do all the things a younger person can do.

I don't want to turn into one of those old people from the old people's home. >.<;


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The thought of not having anyone left in my life when I grow old scares me the most. I'd like to think I will be growing old with Justin - if not then I hope I have children to look after me.
I'm not so bothered about how I'm going to look, I just want to have someone by my side.


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Health and the lack of it, as our bodies get tired and start to breakdown, I get really frustrated about this now and I am in near perfect health, I do not know how or if I could handle lack of control, function or mobility.

Not quite regrets but the past freaks me out a little, the whole concept of time, how life passes us by and the saying you only live once hits home. I am still fairly young and without any mishaps based on the general consensus I am not even halfway through my life. Tomorrow I shall be one day closer to death, as I get older this concept is only going to get shorter and that does frighten me a little, I'm in no hurry to get there and the thought of being old and waiting to die is a not one I like to think about to much.


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I am not really worried about getting older because it is one thing we cannot change. I do worry about the breaking down of the body and some of the things associated with getting older. As long as while I age I can stay healthy I am not too worried but if the body starts to go out on me then I may start to worry more.


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I worried about health issues when i grow old. I have extremely good health, but I just dont weant that to fade with age. I am also afraid of losing my youthfulness. I love being a kid, and i cant wait to be a young adult, but im afraid of what will happen when i get old and i cant just get up and go outside to play basketball or go bike riding.


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Being less capable, put quite vaguely. Moving slower, thinking slower, not being able to go much farther than my house (or nursing home). That's what truly scares me.


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I feel the same, Constantine. But I also dread being lonely or having someone take care of me. I also don't want to be one of those annoying old people that any grandchildren won't like me. :sick:


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Not being able to do the things I'm capable of doing today. Like for an example opening a jar or pickles, I would fill embarassed not being able to open because I dont have enough strenght to do so. Also not being able to do the same activities that I do today, throw the ball around, play sports. All that sort of stuff.