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Grow your own Vegetables?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Any of you have a garden? Have you ever grown your own vegetables?

If so which ones do you usually like to grow? Are you usually successful? Are you a person that takes good care of their garden?



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Unfortunately for me, "the green thumb" wasn't hereditary. :/
...My mother on the other hand could / can grow anything she wanted / wants to! She comes over here quite often and usually tries and helps me with a smallish garden each year but I just can't seem to keep anything alive, no matter how hard I try. I'm lucky if I can keep a cactus alive, tbh.
...My husband on the other hand grows some of the best tomatoes, chilis and strawberries I've ever had and anything we've planted around the house or have growing in a pot, he keeps alive and well for me. :laugh:


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When I was little I had my own garden, I don't know why but one day I just asked if I could do it, so my parents helped me make my own little garden patch. I can't remember what I had growing tho.


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When I was little I had my own garden, I don't know why but one day I just asked if I could do it, so my parents helped me make my own little garden patch. I can't remember what I had growing tho.
Yeah, I did the same as a kid. I think I grew carrots and potatoes and none of them would have survived if my parents hadn't looked after it.

I did try growing herbs and a few veges when I had my own place, but they failed miserably. I always forgot to water them.


Do What Thou Wilt
My mum has instilled in her a love of gardening. She grows awesome cucumbers, tomatoes, squashes, chives, basic stuff like that. But what she really excels at is herbs. No, not the fun kind. The legal kind. Oregano, Sage, rosemary. So elegant. natural. delicious. Fresh. Their are not enough superlatives to describe the delicious home grown herbs. Simply awesome. The best their ever was. Nothing beats it. It has given me a very high standard for food. Even at 4 star restaurants, I tend to avoid dishes heavily influenced by herbs because I know it simply won't compare to my moms, and that makes it distasteful.


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ya same here my mom has her own lil garden with tomatoes, carrots, different spices, shes trying to grow a few corn stallks to right now.. but they taste soooo good!


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I'm not very good, but I try.

We have successfully grown tomatoes, cucumber, squash, peppers (different kinds), broccoli, rhubarb, spinach, lettuce, cantaloupe... I think that is all.
I have failed at green beans & pumpkins.

This year we're doing tomatoes, cucumber, zucchinni, broccoli and green bell peppers. Oh, and rhubarb, of course. (it comes back every year)

I have some starters for asparagus as well. If it's not too late I will be trying those also.


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I used to help my granny with her garden some years ago. We haven't overdone it and it was a very nice and priceless experience.
I wish I had a small garden where I could grow herbs like basil, parsley or dill but I haven't. That would be nice to have fresh herbs all the time or at least in summer. I'd also like to grow some chilli peppers but I don't know if I can grow them in a room flower-pot.


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I grew tomatoes and carrots in our backyard when I was a kid. I wasn't too successful because I always pulled the carrots from the ground to 'check' on them..lol. Obviously they didn't mature very well that way.


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Yes, I'm a keen gardener and growing your own veg is great, nothing tastes as good as a bunch of freshly picked young french beans briefly boiled and eaten with butter.

But I've given up veg growing for 2 reasons: my garden isn't really big enough for veg and flowers and lawn (150 square meters), and I was getting so fanatical that I didn't want to go on holiday when there were veggies to be cared for. I still grow herbs though.
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