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Groomsmen or Bridesmaid


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Have you ever been in a wedding party before, meaning have you ever been a groomsmen or bridesmaid? I will be in my frist wedding party on July 9th. One of my best friends is getting married. This will be officially my second wedding but the first time I'll have so many "responsibilities". We have to go to a wedding rehearsal two days in advance and I have to go for my final fitting of my tuxedo soon.

I'm really looking forward to it, we get to ride in a nice stretch hummer and they get to take lots of pictures of us. It should be a great day. I'm mostly looking forward to drink and getting my groove on later in the day, but everything should be great.

How about yourself? Ever experience this before? If so, how did you enjoy it?


Registered Member
Never been a bridesmaid or a matron of honor, but I have been a bride- twice!
And one of my son's had a huge lavish wedding, and so I was Mother of the handsome groom.


still nobody's bitch
Same as Dabs - I've never once been in a wedding except my own. I stood up as maid of honor at my sister's wedding, but that was just in front of the judge. I'll be a bridesmaid in her second wedding this September.


aka ginger warlock
I have never been a groomsmen but I am due to a best man at my sisters wedding later next month which I have never done either so I will be interesting. I have told I don't have to make a speech by my sister but I think I should.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I was a groomsman for one of my brother's weddings (the other that got married had a small ceremony with only a best man and a maid of honor).

It was a great experience, a lot of fun and a lot of laughter. It wasn't stressful for me because I was doing it with another brother of mine and a lot of friends of my brother, the groom, that I had grown up around.

It was a happy occasion, not stressful, and a lot of fun/celebration. The only thing that stunk was that it was before I had my first hip surgery and I was limping/in pain throughout it all. But the good outweighed the physical pain, for sure.


Ms. Malone
Bridesmaid at my brother's wedding. It's still hard to believe it's me in that dress :-/


Registered Member
I was the best man in my friend's wedding. Preparing the speech was a bit stressful, but I think it turned out well.


Well-Known Member
I've always attended weddings, but as to be one of the groomsmen for family members, I have yet to accomplish that role. I would imagine its a lot of work and practicing for the bride and groom's big day. But I would like to one day just to experience the whole scene and know what to do and all that.



Sally Twit
I was a bridesmaid for my sister. I don't like dresses so it was hard for me to do it but I did it for her. I don't regret doing it now as I was happy to be involved in such a beautiful day. But at the time I was very nervous.
I haven't worn a dress since that day and that was five years ago. I probably won't wear one again until my own wedding day lol. I just feel stupid in a dress.
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