Grizzlies Looking To Keep Swift


Sultan of Swat
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Memphis Commercial Appeal - Despite Stromile Swift desperately wanting to be out of Memphis in his first tour with the team, only to be traded back to the Grizzlies twelve months later, the team is looking at holding onto the high flying forward, according to the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

GM Jerry West made clear his resolve to hold onto Swift recently, emphasizing a couple conversations he's had with the 6-9 jumping jack over the past month.

Despite his critics, Swift returns with the nightly ability to score in the lane, grab double-digit rebounds and protect the basket with his athleticism and length.

"We had two really nice talks," West said. "In my talks with him, he seemed to be excited to be back. I talked about the opportunity for him to have the ball in his hands. I told him how important it was to come and be ready to start the season strong. He's going to get a lot of touches, so I would think he'd have to feel good about that."

Swift's agent, Andy Miller, sounded equally as optimistic and characterized Swift's mindset as constructive.

"Since the initial shock of being traded, any conversation I've had with Stro has been very positive," Miller said. "There aren't any negative feelings. It's a good opportunity for him to re-establish himself. We thought that before Gasol's injury. That won't change his approach. The second time around with the Grizzlies and the familiarity should make it a better transition."


Aw, Here It Goes!
Well it seems like he wants to be back this time, Memphis is a playoff team that has great potential with players like Pau and Gay, and a great leader in Eddie Jones, I see Swift having a good effect on the team and their morale.