Grizzlies looking for a Center


Sultan of Swat
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Memphis Commercial-Appeal - According to the Memphis Commercial-Appeal, the Grizzlies will be looking at big men in the upcoming NBA draft to try to solidify their frontcourt.

The Grizzlies' director of player personnel, Tony Barone Sr, says that the team's relunctance to take a chance on a big man may have to change this year.

"We keep investigating," Barone said Tuesday morning. "Maybe our standards have to change a little bit. Maybe we don't have to have a 7-footer. Maybe it's a 6-8, 6-9 guy who is going to bang and go after it that way. We have one in Lawrence Roberts, so we'll keep investigating and see what happens."

Denver's Yemi Nicholson (6-11 center), UCLA's Ryan Hollins (7-foot center), George Washington's Pops Mensah-Bonsu (6-9 forward) and Michigan State's Paul Davis (6-11 center) worked out for Griz personnel as they prepared for the June 28 draft.

"The biggest difference between college and the NBA is you still have to be able to make that 15-foot shot," Barone said. "That's one of the things we want to find out about these guys. The other part of it is the consistent banging and effort on the glass. In college, they can overwhelm the players they're playing against. They can muscle in and get it done. That's why on every drill we do -- even on defense -- you have to put the ball back in (the basket) so we can see that constant effort."


Maybe on this Draft, JP Batista can be a great C, because, hes tooooooooo strong, and hes fast, great rebounder, and know how play.