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Gripe at other nations - and your own


Registered Member
Do you moan, or make known the negative opinions you have of your own nation?
And also other nations?

Is there any sort of prejudice you hold against other nations, that may make you more inclined to express your opinion on their 'shortcomings'? Are your opinions built on experience, and true knowledge of the circumstances, or are they usually generalisations, media fed or assumptions?

I'm not quite sure of my own personal ideas, to be honest with this sort of subject I try not to have any. But I'm sure others have some. Please give examples of the certain things you moan about, things that you dislike about other nations, or your own... If you get me...


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Yeah I moan about my own country. I'm not more inclined to express opinions on the shortcomings of other countries. I'm more critical of my own than of other countries. In a discussion with intl group though it might not seem like that when I try to correct misinformation - which could be misinterpreted as simply putting the country's best foot forward. The real test is when I'm I'm with people from the same country. I know some are quicker to criticise other countries (and I end up defending them), but mostly my friends and I moan about our complaints on the local level: bureaucracy, lack of client service in the public offices, politicking, etc.