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    Not THAT sort grinding, I'm referring to grinding in RPG games. =P

    Source: Wikipedia

    A few questions to answer, if you will:

    1) Do you like grinding?
    2) If yes, do you prefer to:
    o-- grind in real-time combat RP games (where you attack monsters freely without having a turn-based style). EX: Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Dark Cloud 2, Secret of Mana, Star Ocean.
    o-- grind in turn-based combat. EX: Final Fantasy 7, 8, Breath of Fire.
    3) Does your motivation drop when you know you'll have to grind, in the middle of grinding or after you're all finish grinding?

    Feel free to add any questions of your own.


    1) I'll do it as long as I know the reward will be worth it at the end.
    2) REAL-TIME! Turn-based is just too slow for me and it feels like eternity whenever I know it's going to be turn-based.
    3) Yes, usually starting at the beginning of grinding. As soon as I know I'll be grinding for awhile I get in that funk of "Ugh... a few days of grinding, now. =(" - Sometimes I lose interest in the game if it gets too daunting.
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  2. Sephiroth_Masamune

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    1.) Grinding sucks, but like you...if it's worth it...I'll suffer through it (e.g. Pokemon games - Grinding my way up to Level 100 after grinding through EV and IV training) DOUBLE GRINDAGE!!!

    2.)I don't really prefer one or the other. FFVII is my favorite RPG of all time, but I do like Kingdom Hearts aplenty as no general preference. Grinding is grinding.

    3.)Oh right at the word "go" baby. Grinding sucks balls...and I procrastinate right from the get go.
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    Not to be rude vilky, but I definitely did not think of that kind of grinding since I read the thread's creator before the title.


    Sometimes, grinding can be fun, like in Diablo 2. Other times, it's really just a serious pain in the tits.

    And nobody likes injured titties.
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    Grinding can be okay, but usually it's a drag.

    I'm not sure if I prefer RT or turn-based.

    I never have a problem with grinding at the beginning. But part way through I sometimes get sick of it.

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