Grimsley's Steroid Allegations and the Pujols Connection



Jason Grimsley is an admitted steroids user. Here is his affidavit. The names are blacked out and it might be impossible to know who exactly who these people, but has inside information about the names provided by Grimsley.

If you're lazy, like myself, you'll appreciate the short version I am about to provide.

Someone has finally pointed a finger at Sammy Sosa. Previously we had speculation and assumption, but now Jason Grimsley has apparently sold out Sosa as a definite user. Of course this doesn't come as a shock to most of us, but I am a little disappointed. Without any proof I was more than willing to turn a blind eye to circumstantial evidence that had mounted.

Despite the ugly mess it is likely to create regarding Sammy Sosa, the hall of fame, and possibly retiring his number with the Cubs, I look forward to hearing more of this as more information is leaked.

And now onto the big news and a possible Albert Pujols connection...

Chris Mihlfeld was named by Jason Grimsley and said that Mihlfeld refereed him to an amphetamine dealer. In the document it does not state that Mihlfeld was a supplier, but it does explain that he was a referrer.

Who is Chris Mihlfeld? I can already hear you asking yourself who this guy might be. Well, in fact he is the personal trainer of Mr. Albert Pujols (Gasp!). He has been Pujols' personal trainer since before he was drafted in the 13th round in 1999. Please note, that Deadspin doesn't report that Pujols' name is on the affidavit, but Mihlfeld's is.

Obviously this is just speculation, but if Pujols was to turn up in this investigation it could swing a huge blow to the popularity of baseball. Albert Pujols was the face of baseball in the first third of the season, and if he turns up to be on HGH it will demolish baseball in the public eye. This is NOT confirmed evidence against Pujols, but its starting to look bad.

Other former teammates of Grimsley? Clemens, Sosa and Palmeiro to name a few.


Sultan of Swat
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Well hopefully that Albert Pujols was not a user, because if he was then it's gonig to hurt Major League Baseball more then you think, we all thought that he was clean and just did it with pure abilities, well lets hope that we are correct, and he never used HGH.


All I can say to any baseball fan is this...

Brace yourself.

If it comes out that Albert is using/ did use.... The game will forever change...