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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Babe_Ruth, Aug 20, 2007.

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    I was wondering where you ranked Griffey Jr in the all time best and why? When he was with the Mariners he was arguably the best player in the league back then, then he went with the Reds and his career with the Reds has been up and down, and full of injuries. So I was wondering where do you rank him and why?

  2. natnsoxfan

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    Right now hes top 20 of all time, by the time he retires I think hes top 10, maybe even top 5. He could do it all in his prime, prolific homerun and average hitter, Gold Glove defender, strong arm, ran well, if not for all the injuries when he got to the Reds we might be celebrating him as the homerun king of baseball. A truly great player. He's going to end his career with 600+ homers, 10 GG's, probably 3K hits, as great as they come and one of my favorite players.
  3. Big_Mac

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    i have really ever rated the top baseball players of all-time on a list before so i'll have to get back to this one. a good question deserves a good thoughtful answer.
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    Hi, first off, I'm new to this forum, but not new to baseball. I was invited here and I like how everything looks and I hope I can contribute some stuff here!

    I am a lifelong M's fan, and a Griffey fan as well (which should go without saying). Back in his hey-day, Griffey was the 2nd best player in the league (2nd to Bond's in the '90's).

    And that puts him in the top 40 for sure. And he has added a little bit since then (and comparatively yes, only a little bit). He has been a decent hitter since leaving Seattle, but he hasn't been able to stay in the lineup. He has declined drastically on his defense the last 3 years, and even as a right fielder, is not all that hot (manageable, but nothing to write home about). Of course a lot of that is because he is being compared to his prime, which was absolutely ridiculous.

    He is an all-time great HR hitter and an all-time great defensive player, but he is not top 20, and it is doubtful that he will be able to do much more to improve upon what he has done. And it's not like being top 40 is bad or anything, that means that only 39 other players in the history of baseball have been better than him.

    Currently, I actually have Griffey 32nd (though I may end up moving him down a couple notches, as I adjust my list). And I feel that's where he belongs. Sure, he had the potential to be top 10, maybe even top 5, but he has long since passed that opportunity - too many skipped practices (and eating too many Ken Griffey Jr. bars - anyone remember those?).

    I currently rank Griffey as the 7th greatest Center Fielder.

    1.) Ty Cobb
    2.) Willie Mays
    3.) Mickey Mantle
    4.) Tris Speaker
    5.) Oscar Charleston (Played in the Negro Leagues - if you don't know about him, I suggest you read up a bit)
    6.) Joe Dimaggio
    7.) Ken Griffey Jr.
    8.) Kirby Puckett
    9.) Cool Papa Bell (Another Negro League Player - supposedly the fastest player of all-time!)
    10.) Richie Asburn

    And I figure that's where he's going to stay. There is way too much room for him to catch up to the tandem of Dimaggio /Charleston, and there is no active Centerfielder who is anywhere near him at the moment.

    Now this may just be my opinion, but I have put a lot of thought into it. As I said, Griffey is one of my favorite players, and so as a homer, I would LOVE to rank him higher, but to be fair to everyone, I can't.
  5. Big_Mac

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    very good list edgar, that list is pretty much what i have here, and your right, i don't think he's going to move higher then that centerfield wise. just for the hell of it, here is the list of cfers i compiled:

    1. cobb
    2. mays
    3. speaker
    4. mantle
    5. charleston
    6. dimaggio
    7. griffey
    8. duke snider
    9. puckett
    10. bell

    and your right, it's a shame more people don't know about charleston, from what i've read and heard, if he plays in the mlb, he's one of the best players of all-time.
  6. DirtDog

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    Top 10 - 15 range, could have been one of the greatest, if not for the injuries in the 2000's!!
  7. StroShow

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    If he stayed healthy he'd be considered on the of the best players of all time. Like Edgar said he could hit for power, and was an amazing fielder. He could get to balls that no one could ever dream of getting too. But injuries are part of sports. And unfortunatly since Griffey Jr joined the Reds he's been hit with the injury bug. Which hurts a lot of his chances of breaking the Top 10 Baseball players list. Which sucks because Griffey Jr is my favorite Baeball player. So because of all the injuries he suffered over the last six years, he's not as high he should actually be. I have to rank him top 25 all time Baseball players. And a first ballot Hall of Famer.
  8. The_Kid

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    For me, Griffey Jr. is easily a top 50 player, and when he retires a top 20 player. This is my list of greatest CFs, and he ranks 9th:

    1. Willie Mays - Great bat, great glove, great legs. Could do everything, from hitting for avergage to hitting for power.

    2. Ty Cobb - 4,189 hits, 892 SB, .366, 12 BA. titles in 13 yrs., 10th in Relative SLG., 1st. in Relative BA. The greatest CF before Willie came.

    3. Oscar Charleston - The Willie Mays of the Negro Leagues. Good manager.

    4. Tris Speaker - Played CF incredibly shallow because he had the legs to get all the way back for deep ones. Greatest defensive CF, and a great hitter.

    5. Joe DiMaggio - could run, hit and field amazingly. A great slugger, too. Yankee Stadium probably took away from his HR totals more than any other player in history.

    6. Mickey Mantle - Had the potential to be the best ever, but limited do to injuries.

    7. Cool Papa Bell - Possibly the fastest man ever to play ball.

    8. Duke Snider - The Duke could run, throw, hit and field. Probably the best power hitter to play in Ebbets Field.

    9. Ken Griffey, Jr. - One of those rare outfielders who could field so gracefully and well and still hit for great power.

    10. Mark DiHigo - Probably the most versatile player in history.

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